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Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital uE for herself in therban fiction Genre If She Continues To Spin Tales if she continues to spin tales enjoyable as Baby MommaMichelle CuttinoAAMBC Reviewer Baby Momma follows the lives of Rasheed the drug dealer and Michelle the college educated baby momma Michelle is fed p with rasheed s cheating and always up with Rasheed s cheating and always away from home This story was interesting at times but Rasheed s cheating and always being away from home This story was interesting at times but seemed like the typical hood story Drug deals sex side chicks and arrests The most explosive thing about the book was the ending I did not expect that at all The book wasn t bad it just seemed as if I had heard it before many times And I saw that in the back of the book that this was going to be a trilogy but I would prefer for the author to leave the story as is This was the first book I read on my Ipad and I enjoyed it I would have loved to have gotten from Rah s reaction at the end though This was one of those books where I really didn t know who to root for because everyone got on my nerves lol It was fun to see how everyone s relationship intertwined at the end I thought this book was gonna be stupid but it had a good plot and the twist at the end was worth the read I didn t see the end at all Good book for the first time author WOWI m not gone lie I ve put off reading this book for a while then out of the blue I decided to go ahead and read it for some reason So glad I did I was glued to the pages ntil the very last page It was sad what happen to Rasheed in the end but you have to admit that he had gotten over for so long It was about time he got what was coming to him I don t want to give p any spoilers but at first I was thinking that no one would be able to beat Rasheed at his own game I bet he did too I just couldn t believe how he kept doing dirt and had the nerve to brag about how good he was whenever he was able to. N to completely sever his alliance with his baby's mother Michelle Trapped in an emotional whirlwind of sex love and mistrust Michelle attempts to hold the threads of their lives together With the passing of ea.

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Baby MommaGet out of hot water Deep down in his heart he wanted to do the right thing but he just never got around to it This book
Is Full Of So 
full of so betrayal sex and nsuspecting twists Bravo Ni chelle can t wait for the encore presentation Job well done I wasn t sure about this book since I have the encore presentation Job well done I wasn t sure about this book since I have heard of the author I ickly changed my mind This was some Motives type stuff to say the least I kind of felt sorry I ickly changed my mind This was some Motives type stuff to say the least I kind of felt sorry the ending but baby daddy ruined many lives There are a lot of twists and turns but trust me they all fit in I read this book late into the night because I had to find out what happened To sum it WordPress Absolute Beginners Guide up watch out for the ladies fellas you never know when a woman s fedp I Thought This Book Was GREAT I Really Enjoyed Reading This Book I Didnt Want To Put The Book Down But I Had To Every Chance I Got I Read It And Was Lucky I Finished It In 3 Days Ni chelle Genovese Needs To Write More Books I Need To Find Them ASAP Michellethe protagonistis in a big love triangle between her cheating drug dealing son s father and he bestfriend Larissa Rasheed her son s father has done nothing but hurt Michelle in every way possible Throughout the course of the book Rasheed fights the system of the government by opening accounts nder other peoples names and even being the number one drug dealer in his area There is a lot of lost loyalty and death due to Rasheed s anger This book caught my attention immediately it is very realistic and depressing at the same time Each page I wonder what is the next lie Rasheed will come p with next or who is the next girl he will have sex with The author Girls Like Us uses different perspectives to tell the story for example in one chapter Michelle s thoughts would bencovered and the next Rasheed s The end of the story had a really nice twist and caught me off guard. Ch day their bond nravels further forcing Michelle closer to confronting the reality which is her life or suffering in silence A cautionary tale for all Baby Mommas filled with tragedyironyviolence and betraya. ,
I really enjoyed reading this book Baby Momma keeps coming back for I think Rah deserved what he got and I am glad Michelle finally realized that Rah didn t love her like she loved him but I highly recommend this book to all book clubs and individuals who loves to read I wrote a review but somehow I lost it I loved this book the author did such a great job of weaving a story The Invisible Presence until you never saw the plot explodentil the end She had you thinking that you knew who did what and then like a sucker punch then she shows you behind the scenes and leaves your jaw hanging she has the skills and the talents this was worth the wait Rasheed is a drug kingpin and strip club owner who has a hard time staying faithful and an even harder time being the man his family reuires Michelle is the mother of his son Trey and after being mistreated Michelle is the mother of his son Trey and after being mistreated Rasheed for years may have finally reached her breaking pointMichelle s business savvy is the reason Rasheed was able to build such a lucrative empire in the first place After promising once again to be the man she needs him to be Rasheed s latest betrayal may prove to be his Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Profits Right Now undoingWhen things start to fall apart completely for Rasheed he looks to Michelle for support andnderstanding but this time she may no longer be so forgiving In fact Michelle may prove to be even deceitful than he ever imaginedBaby Momma s storyline is interesting enough to keep the momentum flowing throughout the book It begins from Rasheed s point of view And Just As The Tables Start To just as the tables start to switches over to Michelle s vantage point Full of entertaining twists lust drama and murder Baby Momma is a Sticky Wisdom uick read with a finale that has me ready to delve into Part Two of the trilogy so that I can see where the story leads All in all Ni chelle Genovese will definitely make a nam. Welcome to the fast paced high stakes world of Rasheed an anti hero you'll love to hate much like Scarface Caughtp in a game of fast money faster women and a hustler's dream Rasheed's secrets and lies threate.