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The Pavement Arena lLike crazy Half way through with Tucker s reunion beer with Whityeah it sueezed on my heart a bit I couldn t put it down once I started and will definitely be on my re readist What a feel good story that eaves you wishing for I could read a dozen stories just about these two Hint Hint 455 STARS I ADORE THIS STORY OF COURSE I M I adore this story Of course I m a sucker for a sweet gfyofy I think made this story so special for me was the alternating first POVs I oved getting The Voice Of Both voice of both the author did a great job portraying the different personalities and insecurities of both Whit and Tucker 45 Stars I would have Rabiosa loved for it to be muchonger with much angst I Whit I Sculpting Making a Toddler Doll liked this story very much I enjoyed the fact that Tucker was so torn over his actions and his feelings for Whit Ioved how Whit was so confid This was ike reading a diary The alternating POV s did very well While Tucker telling his story angst driven Whit telling his story aid back It fits the personalities of both of them view spoilerWhat I disliked It started good actually The writing is so emotional And then at 53% I just On Disgust lost interest I need to see some groveling in here There is none Whit just forgive himike that 10 years old behind meant nothing I m disappointed hide spoiler 45 stars rounded up because the writing was so effortlessly good Seriously Most of it is written in present tense and I didn t even notice until almost the end Janey Chapel can do in a novella than many authors do in a full A Dirty Wedding Night: A Dirty Rockstar Romance Collection (Dirty, Book 2.5) length novel Having said that if she writes one in the future Il be first in New Menopausal Years line to read itSomething about this story hit me right in the gut The descriptions of how important Whit was to Tucker the movie theater scene I reallyove when stories make emotions seem palpable The dual first person narrative worked surprisingly well although Whit was the charming of the two What I really wanted to do was put him on Faja (Naslouchač, like a coat and wear him for the rest of the day Just an enjoyable read all aroun. Than ever and every bit as out and proud as he was ten years ago Time hasn't changed the chemistry between them and itooks ike Tucker might get a second chance All he has to do is brush aside the years of ies and embrace one powerful truth. ,

Much and it was just plain ol CUTE I hope we get of These Men I Will men I will be reading of this author Tuck a very closeted senior at college falls for Whit an out and proud freshman they part on ess than good terms after an 8 month secret relationshipThe story is told from alternating POV s which makes it interesting and I really Hearts Farthings liked Whit s voiceThey have both harbored feelings for each other in the intermittent 10years and when they finally meet again Tuck is ready to be who he wants and needs to beview spoiler not saying it can t happen but a successful DCawyer hasn t had any gay hookups none in 10 years and I felt so sorry for him saying he was Paralyzed By Fear But I Still Had Trouble Understanding His by fear but I still had trouble understanding his after all this time I also wonder if he hadn t run into Whit would he have spent the rest of his The Mount Shasta Mission lifeike that hide spoiler Very good mm romance about two guys who were secretly together for one year during college One graduated and ran away from even the thought of being gay and the other didn t I really really enjoyed this story that flows so well due to the simple easy and forthright 2 person narration I ve always been a big fan of Janey Chapel It seems Little Darlings like every time I pick up a story of hers I m always surprised again by how much Iove her style of writingThese two characters were many many things from severely m Everyone has to find their own way in Greenwich life in their own time Only when we are ready can we truly see accept and be ourselves Be yourself sounds so easy but as we all know it s not that simple Coming out andiving an openly gay ife in a small conservative southern town is pretty fucking far from easy or simple Tucker Locke and Whit Jamison meet and fall for each other in college but their relationship will change touch and influence their whole ives I don t know if it s the mood that I am in or the time of night or because I needed a pick me up All I know is that I Your Name Here loved this to pieces From the beginning it had me smiling. Loset heeft Whit Jamison behind Tucker's spent ten years pretending to be straight ten years thinking about his mistakes But all the time in the world couldn't prepare him for the reality of seeing Whit again Whit's taller mature attractive.

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35 Stars I am absolutely Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, loving all of these cute and sexy stories I ve been reading Thisittle tale by Janey Chapel is no differentAt the beginning of his senior year in a small town college Tucker Locke met Whit Jamison Tucker was the small time track star and Whit was the slightly gawky freshman with the deep voice What commences is a secret relationship between Whit and Tucker They get hot and heavy on back roads in abandoned barns and in dark corners of their ittle town While Whit is out and proud Tucker is justnot In a scene that had my chest aching with sadness Whit and Tucker s relationship comes to an end at the end of the school year and they part on bad terms Tucker runs far and fast from his part on bad terms Tucker runs and fast from his tiny years ater Tucker who s still deep in the closet gets an invitation to his ten year reunion and decides that it s time to go home and see about changing his ifeOh Tucker and Whit you two men are a very sexy and endearing couple Whit is well witty He s confident in himself and had me chuckling with his self deprecation and his general take on things I totally related To His High School his high school of how he crushed on Tucker and memorized Tucker s class schedule I can remember being so wrapped up in crushing on someone from afar It was so cute the way he day dreamed about his ife turning out Fucking Trans Women like a John Hughes movie 80 s and the Brat Pack FTWTucker was emo but understandably so Also his emo ness made him real and I just wanted to hug him and tell him that he should believe in himself He could be the man that he wanted to be He took huge steps and I was invested enough in the story that I was cheering him onJaney Chapel pulls off something in this story that can be very hard to do False Start is told in dual first person narration and man it works so well Tucker and Whit s voices were very different from each other and I was very satisfied that I got both sides of the story I have to say that I didn t want this story to end I enjoyed it so very. It's Tucker Locke's ten year college reunion and he doesn't have much to show for himself Sure he's a successfulawyer with a nice car and a nice apartment but his ife is empty and Tucker knows why A decade ago not ready to come out of the False Start