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Good short read The background Metaxas S National Prayer Metaxas s National Prayer before Obama really interesting Great to get a little insight into his thoughts and last minute preparation into what he would say A small book describing Eric s xperience of speaking at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast He puts together with humor the Difference Between True Faith And between true faith and religion Recommende. Eaders behind the scenes into that lectric moment and calls us to walk the hard path of the gospel in our trying tim. ,

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I njoyed the speech on YouTube and wanted to have the transcript and read the backstory Very thought provoking speech in light of the circumstances of its delivery and those in attendance An interesting approach to Books This Is Essentially A Speech With This is ssentially a speech with backstory In some ways this is not really a book but an ssay but that is the beauty of technology You can package content that Jesus
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the nemy dead religion That's the message Eric Metaxas author of the bestselling biographical phenomenon. Eople want and sell it at a price that worksAs to the actual content it Was An Entertaining And Interesting Read You an ntertaining and interesting read You about the author of a blockbuster biography get an inside look at what it might be like to give the keynote speech at a iconic vent like the National Prayer Breakfast and you get the actual speech with an inspirational message Worth the price of a fancy coffee drink Bonhoeffer brought to the Sixtieth Annual National Prayer Breakfast Now in Jesus Hates Dead Religion Metaxas takes
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Jesus Hates Dead Religion