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E one lessonTo RULEC D Reiss let the games begin A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways 6 UNPARALLELED STARSI m at a loss for words The final book n the Corruption series left me wrung out and a big tumbler of emotions My thoughts Contessa I ve liked Theresa Drazen from day one and to see her grow and transform through this series Clue by Clue into such a formidable character with strength allure confidence love and compassion was such a beautiful thing CD Reiss What a goddess of the written word She has truly crafted a phenomenal love story amidst the clutches of the mafia and the entanglements of the Drazen clan Both Antonio and Theresa are such memorable characters and their love their fierce passion and protection of each other was palpable and contagious Antonio My Capo my Spin what a truly magnificent male character There are only truly a few mob men that I d kill for and willing embrace Omert as my wayAntonio Spinellis at the tophe Enticed By You (by You, is why I totally understand all that Theresa does He pulled back and I drankn the lines of his face the texture of stubble on his cheeks the espresso of his eyes A warrior A king My capo always always always Theresa and Antonio s passion was like no other Their bond was perfect their thoughts and words were potent and poetic and their undying commitment and love was simply phenomenal I want what I love and I love what I want What I want Ngôi nhà xưa is you You came to me as a lady and now you are a ueen I ve never met a woman like you I don t even deserve you but I have you And having you I m not giving you upYour worlds my world Our world Overall this was Overwhelming Out of this world Outstanding I will read this again Firing Schedules for Glass - The Kiln Companion ints entirety and I just know that Adam and the Ants it ll rock my world all over again Ti voglio bene Theresa Ti amer sempre Fino alla fine dei miei giorni This was a Buddy Read with the CanariesFor reviews and blog posts Eda s TooManyBooksButNoDamnTime themed extra short reviews 1 6 We live together or die together Capo STARS YOU RE MY LIFE It doesn t matter what I am or what I ve done as long as you re mine Nothingn the past matters THERE IS YOU AND NOTHING ELSE CAPO DAMN That was like fine wineThis Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors is my 14th book by CD Reiss I should be used to her amazeballs writing style right But noI get mesmerized each and every time and falln love with her a little bit with every new bookI am begging you woman NEVER STOP FCKING WRITING OVERALL A terrific ending for a terrific story The dynamic between Capo and Contessa the never ending action the not over the top drama and most of allthe awesome Drazen family all made this book a winner You re made for this life I m made for YOU Story Rating 5 StarsHero Rating 5 StarsHeroine Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 5 StarsHeat Level 4 StarsEnding 5 StarsOverall Rating 5 HUGE CAPO LOVING STARS Rule Was the third and final book Return to Doomstar (Doomstar 2) in this series and EVEYTHING fellnto place perfectly I have to admit there for a while I was worried about how this this story would end I truly enjoyed Spin and Ruin But Language - A Student Handbook on Key Topics and Theories it was Rule that totally BLEW ME AWAYThe storyline was gripping and action packed grabbing men and never letting me go I m so darn glad that I decided to try my first mafia romance thanks to all the AMAZING reviews that caught my attentionBoth Antonio and Theresa grew on me with each book By the time I finished Rule I loved them both I loved how I could FEEL the love between them and how much they meant to each other They made my heart beat faster as they planned and raced to save and protect each otherThe action scenes were pulse pounding This I LOVED and I crave

this type of read There a few twist that knocked me for a loop I was constantly wondering just what was going to happen nextThe ending SPECTACULAR LOVED the epilogue Blind Sided it was PERFECTIONOnly one thing left to say WELL DONE CD Reiss 6 EPIC STARS It s LIVE US UKBooks Nook This story IGNITING THE FIRE (The Crow Academy Book 1) is about truth vengeance sacrifice hope love and protecting the ones we love There are heart stopping moments moments I could hardly believe I thought I knew where this story may go I didn t thinkt d hit me the way t did with t think t d hit me the way The Secret Art of Great Conversation it did with tears The proses lyrical and poetic with a heartbreaking aura The sheer uality of the writing the multifaceted characters and the execution of the story arc simply blew me away as Comic Print and Theatre in Early Modern Amsterdam it tore through my emotions at a heady pace RULEs exciting passionate Digital Trust intense gripping and all consuming The protagonists exude a fierce passionn their erotic endeavours and use Tootles The Taxi And Other Rhymes it as a vessel for their feelings their anger their pain their hurt andt s so wonderful to read I felt their craziness and sexual hunger for each other one cannot function without the other and this story explores what happens when the crazy really takes hold Theresa shines brightly On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, in Rule her persona confidence and courage have developed throughout the series resultingn a formidable character with sass self awareness empathy and understanding Antonio s protective passionate powerful and honourable a man of ntegrity who has the capacity to love fiercely In Rule the final part of the Corruption series his past resurfaces The Three Elizabeths in a way even he had never thought possible and for the reader this plot devise adds another layer of angst that s gripping and enhances the unknownn terms of where the story will take us Theresa and Antonio have an The Hate U Give intense connection Their respect for each others Building Vocabulary Skills immense their need to do the best for each other to protect each others awe Sheet Metal Shop Practice inspiring The love they show and their passion for each other s survival at any costs captivating and heartbreaking all at the same time Their Cait and the Devil interactions powerful the ebb and flow of their dialogue and nner monologue breathtaking The plethora of characters all play a part n the Biggles In The Antarctic intricate plot that never once left me perplexedn An Unofficial Encyclopedia of Strategy for Fortniters its complexities I began to like a secondary character that I never thought possible and my love for Theresa and Antonio grew exponentially The events happen along side the climax of the Submission series sof you re a fan of Monica and Jonathan this element will undoubtedly touch your heart Rule confronts with full force the The Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook issue of where they belongn the world Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1 it defines some of theirnner turmoil and s a pivotal part n the arc of the story along with other layers of angst entwined La Vilaine Lulu into whether or not they can surviven a world where perception suggests they don t belong anywhere together The corruption series Becoming Daddys Cow: A Twisted Taboo Dubcon Lactation Body Transformation DD/lg Erotica isntricate but the author sprinkles her writing power and masters the complexities effortlessly The transitions from scene to scene are flawless the range of emotions exuisite Every element carries the story forward Filthy Rich Boys (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, in some way each scene flowing seamlessly with reason and context depicting the underground world of Anthony and Theresa with a picture perfect uality The vivid writing had men the moments with them feeling their pain their love and their hurt I felt my adrenaline pumping and my heart rate soar as I read the fate of the characters and basked Granvilles New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit in a crescendo of angst It s emotional INTENSE exciting and EPIC I was addicted to RULE from beginning to end and will love this story forever NOTE Rules told from the dual perspective of the protagonists and Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, is the THIRD and FINAL part of the Corruption Series A series which should be readn order My review thoughts for Spin Corruption 1My review thoughts for Ruin Corruption 2Advanced copy received from the author n exchange for my honest review thoughts. O can shake them to their very core #livetogether#dietogetherIn this stunning conclusion to the USA Today Bestselling series Antonio and Theresa will have their passion their devotion and their very will to live teste. Rule author C.D. Reiss

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45 STARSAnother scorching hot book by CD Reiss but not only was the sex through the roofthe story was great too I did mark Nanny by Chance it down a half a star mainly because of a certain direction the story takesI can t elaborate however I just didn t care for some of the story line In saying that though I still feel this authors brillianther writing Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency in New Zealand is poeticlet s facet I love everything this woman writes Review to Comebut I will say that this series s a MUST read 5 StarsI finished reading Rule and I was perfectly at peace I knew that when I started the book I would be taken on a journey A journey that I knew would have highs and lows joys and sorrows and life and death I wasn t sure what would happen but I was prepared for LiveTogether or DieTogether RULE s the ending of the journey of Antonio Spinelli and Theresa Drazen They were the unlikely pair who came together despite the odds and loved each other with the greatest of passion The trials and tribulations that surfaced John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles in this book onlyntensified the commitment and love they had for one another The fierceness to protect each other no matter the cost was primal and effervescent Their love story was of epic proportions I will say that while reading I was completely absorbed nto the story There were times I feared turning the page but I always wished I had hours n the day to just read Their story raked me over the coals My heart ached for these two There were too many circumstances to think they would come out unscathed With each chapter the fear would envelope mehow could Antonio and Theresa survive the mess created This book rode my emotions full throttle From the openin Rule Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 is the explosive conclusion to the Songs of Corruption Seriest brings us the stunning conclusion to the story of Antonio Spinelli and Theresa Drazen One a mob boss the other a woman of class and high society On the heels of Antonio s betrayal to Donna Maria and his escape from marrying Irene they flee Only to be brought back to Los Angeles when Jonathan Theresa s brother Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders is hospitalized Butt s not just about getting them back over the border and safely to the hospital It s about keeping themselves alive now that they both have prices on their head They both want a life filled with forevers but for these two they first need to escape the life that doesn t allow you to just walk away It s been a week since I read this A week filled with books that barely held my attention Life that just stopped because this book was all I could think about There Hedge Fund - tome 4 - L'hritire aux vingt milliards is no way I can gather my thoughts enough for this review to do this book justiceChristine delivered From the very first word until the last page I felt like I was holding my breath Absolutely stunning I cried I cried And I fucking cried For every moment that Theresa made me smile or laugh Antonio reachednto my chest and pulled my heart out She was the levity and he was just EVERYTHING There was so much emotion Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, in his actions his words that I could not help but feel every single thing Like hard to explainI was twistedn knots and scared to death I was excited to read this but at the same time I did not want to even start Places of Performance it I haddeas of how this story needed to end how I needed The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over it to end and I uestioned everything I thought as I fell deepernto this story Every thought was taken turned მოგონებები შეფიცულთა რაზმზე inside out and shoved backnto my mind There are books out there that you love Books you can read over and over again and then there are books that can t live without Songs of Corruption The Heart of Business is a series I cannot live without Christine s best works contained within this series The highs the lows and the everything Treasures of Darkness in betweenst was pure grit and pure beauty And our Capo I know that Jonathan Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) is a hard act to follow but with Antonio he s justn a league of his own Such a powerful character that held you captive as you manically flipped through these pages He wasn t this fictional character these words were his breaths his heartbeat You felt him In the tightness of his jaw the tick The pulsating need n which he took Theresa It was all power And life spun from the words on these pages I felt him to my core and I loved him Theresa s progression from the reserved classy lady to the tough as nails take no prisoners woman was a joy to experience And like with all of the heroines that Christine deliverers there s not one weak spot n her spine A woman of grace class and who will fight for what matters most From the woman we met n the club all those months ago The one that would blush and clutch her pearls at the brutality of this man s words she turned She grew and she became a ueen She learned and owned her mind and her will and she ruled This author this series her books Read them All of them The writing Internet Marketing Essentials is what book lover s dreams are made of You will not find another author who can craft an erotic suspenseful romance that speaks to you the way her words do A story that captivates you The beautyn the structure of her stories the poetry Internet Marketing Revealed in her words and the brush she paints the scene with Erotica suspense romance thiss not what this Email Advertising Crash Course is Thiss art This Curse of the Black Widow is beautiful Thiss this just can t be explained without just shoving a book Sećanja into your hands and seeing for yourself The Corruption Series Book Three Rule Pre order ExtraEVERYONE who preorders Rule The Corruption Series Book Three and fills outthe formn the link below will receive a NEW Jonathan and Monica bonus sceneThat means A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah if you have already preordered on any retailer or do preorder from now until release and fill out this form you will get the bonus scene Click HERE Rule book 3 of 3 The conclusion to alleged mobster Antonio Spinelli Theresa Drazen s songs of Corruption There are too many ways to die Songs of Corruptions the whirlwind saga of alleged mobster Antonio Spinelli and Theresa Drazen It s a seuel series to Songs of Submission and Songs of Perdition and thus most
if read after and Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies in 1 SpinBook 2 RuinBook 3 Rule In Songs of Corruption book 1 and 2 heiress socialite part time script supervisor and former head of accounting Theresa Drazen Tink aka Contessa met a man who rocked her world and gave her an excuse to break out of her good girl mold Attorney business owner and alleged mobster money launderer and murderer Antonio Spinelli Spin aka Capo wasn t looking to complicate his life but Theresantrigued him With little n common and much to lose they couldn t seem to stay away Story went on to follow Antonio and Theresa as they dealt with their attraction and got entwined with the darker side of Hollywood s organized crime corruption and politics until t all Internet Marketing for Smart People implodedRule Book 3 opens up to the aftermath of book 2 s explosive ending Antonio and Theresa have been through so much yet nothing could have prepared them for the battles ahead It s a raise against time with traitors villains and enemies plotting to destroy them with family and friends looking on powerless to helpFollow themn their against all odd s love as they set out to rule their future tainted by their pasts n a High Stakes Game Of stakes game of throat politics colliding with ruthless organized crime for Songs of Corruption Antonio Spinelli Spin aka Capo stole my heart and t was my pleasure to the see him shaped by his youth and past adapting to his circumstance to become the man he needs to be Eight words to describe Antonio Captivating loyal commanding conflicted enigmatic elusive possessive and ruthless He paused there eyes half lidded with pleasure and pulled out slowly. Book Three n The Corruption Series You must read SPIN and RUIN before reading RULE Theresa and AntonioThey've been through hell Antonio has a price on his head for turning his back on a marriage deal and Theresa has. All of me Theresa Drazen Tink aka Contessa s coming full circle with her past present and future Eight words to describe Theresa Poised compassionate smart ambitious loyal gutsy restless and graceful I trusted him to protect me but not to protect himself for my sake Rule blew me away with After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, itsntensity and complexity It s full circle on so many levels I am utterly speechless It offers the very best of sex danger Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning intrigue angst and suspense Be prepared not to get everything wrapped upn a pretty bow yet the ending was all them full circle songs of perfection Effortless storytelling Breathtaking plot Intense sex scenes Larger than life Antonio Spinelli Brilliant ending Epic saga Yet I sat on a throne before a kingdom of possibilities Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 5 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 45 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NA ARCOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes Thanks to my SS Sasha for buddy reading our ARCs My sincerest thanks to Pedro Soltz for the permission granted to cast him as Capo Digital Marketing In A Week in my reviewsFollow Pedro Soltz on Facebook and Twitter Be sure to sign up for CD Reiss Newsletter ARC provided to me by author CD Reissn exchange for an honest review EARLY RELEASE RULE Le commerce des fourrures en occident a la fin du moyen-age (2 vol) is LIVE Mafia Suspenseful Stars Let me preface my review with highly recommending you re read the last 20% or so of RUIN to re acclimate yourself to the events that took place as RULE jumps right backnto that timeline following the wedding explosionfire If you haven t read RUIN I caution you to not read further Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing in my review as there s mild plot spoilers for that book RULE takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of events following the wedding explosion Antonio and Theresa are missing feared dead within the tunnels beneath LA Daniel vows to get answersto save herf she s possibly alive He drove her Authority Affiliate Marketing into Antonio s arms with his betrayal andf he has to lose his Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) incumbent seatn the Mayor s office saving her he will do Anatomy of the Orchestra it Donna Maria Carloni head of the Sicilian mafia of LAs out for vengeance against Antonioif he s alive he won t be for longOf the three Songs of Corruption novels RULE was most suspenseful for me There s a huge plot revelation that I had no clue of prior and this How to make Money with Porn is very much a central focusn the book Antonio and Theresa remain a steadfast team to stay alive amidst the threats that lurk at every dark corner There s huge bounties for both their heads Can Antonio restore order n his Capo kingdom and still remain alive Truths come out n that period of being dead Can their relationship survive the fallout Will they physically survive to find out Theresa Drazen from day one has accepted Antonio Spinelli The Wind on the Heath in all his outlaw Capo ways Antonio knows he s bad for hert risks her life just being Get Up and Do It! involved with him but their loves polarizing As much as he tries to walk away to free her he just can t She understands him And as much as walking away can protect her she needs his protection as well The woman has no fear and I think Antonio fears for her safety BECAUSE of that She doesn t fear him accepts him cripples him Repeat Performance in his love for her That s thedea of who I am I want a life with you because you accept me All of me I am whole with you Only you Reiss constructs a flawless canvas of underground LA mafia corruption With each twist and turn the reader anxiously anticipates the next shooter lurking Newsjacking in the shadows Her writing styles artistic and beautifully poetic Antonio does not fail to exhibit his dominant Capo prowess with Theresa Didn t seem anything kept that man s libido at bay Life on the line need to run versus balls to the wall sex with his Contessahis Contessa always won She was his addiction and The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, it very well might kill one of them or both Reiss captured me as a loyal reader with her Songs of Submission Series and I do have to admit I cherished every tiny snippet of this plotline that brought us back to Jonathan Drazen those life on the line timesn Seuoia Hospital with him waiting to die for his heart transplant The love story within the SoS series will never Seuoia Hospital with him waiting to die for his heart transplant The love story within the SoS series will never surpassed for me Or at least t hasn t thus far Although I truly enjoyed Theresa and Antonio I didn t feel their love n the pit of my stomach like I did SoS I m a sucker for angst though and let me say the last few chapters Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary in RULE connected me to the love story thats Antonio and Theresa Albeit gritty animalistic and everything corruptit s a love story at that This uote by Antonio completely captures their relationship for me And all around great conclusion to the Songs of Corruption Series Bravo Looking forward to from the Drazen clan Now where are these bonus scenes of Jonathan and Rachel RULE Affiliate Marketing Business is book three within the Songs of Corruption Series Its NOT to be read as a standalone It Giving the Body Its Due is a spin off series of the Songs of Submission Series and I d highly recommend starting with that series first Becauset Hilla Rebay is awesome uotesteasers taken from pre published copy and may changen the finished product Advanced copy received by author Living Doll in exchange for my HONEST review 4 For the Moments Stars Spoiler FreeThink about whats most Designing for Magazines importantn your lifeWhat would you do f you had someone who understood You Completely Who Accepted completely who accepted for the person you are not a person they want you to beWould you go to the ends of the Earth fighting clawing your way through whatever obstacles necessary to be with that personsacrifice for themeven kill for themThis last entry of Songs of Corruption 3 brought all of the ntrigue passion and raw emotions to the final completion The journey of these two characters Antonio and Theresa allowed us to be the fly on the wall of unbelievable upheaval False Start in both of their livesit wasmpossible to stop Both of these people so different from an outsiders perspective but who were reallythe total haven for each other Each was accepted cherished and revered Allowed to be without judgement for their world was all that mattered to them Tombland in the endand by accomplishing what they neededsomehow thempossible happened There are specific moments His Plaything in this book which just nailed me I was there on that country road and felt the love and caring between these two It was during these moments and the last third of the book which gave me the feelings of what CD Reiss brings What I felt most was perseverance the need to find the true ending for this couple And need the resultsn the end were emotional and touching It was like we had to go through a fire storm Cuckolded! Taken By My Husbands Bully in order to come out cleanorf not exactly cleanat least whole I usually don t pull uotes for my reviews but because Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors it had such anmpact and flavored my experience so deeply I will share Captain Tsubasa - Tome 29: La renaissance du duo en or ! it It might not mean as much taken out of context however should you read this final chapter of this odyssey hopefullyt will strike you as Dream Fossil it did me Thiss the day they went to live After We Collided (After, in the olive orchards When you close your eyes for the last time this will be this day you remember as the first day of the long happiness of your life You will smile your whole journey to heaven Spin Corruption 1 Ruin Corruption 2 Rule Corruption 3 Before Reading Going backBack to the couple who will make yourdeas of love different Web Marketing For Dummies intense graphicjust First there was SpinThen there was RuinAnd what we knew all alongThere could only Nontention of turning her back on him They're devoted and strong ready for anything A Love Tested To The Limit And then someone from Antonio's past reappears Someone who can give him everything he ever wanted and wh. .

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