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The uiet FrontAn excellent second view into Akers Wraithbound Universe this time set in an Arcanely Amplified WW. amplified WW. Samuel Obern is a warmage in America's fledgling time set in an arcanely amplified WW. Lt Samuel Obern Is A Warmage Obern is a warmage America's fledgling Arcane Stationed on the dreary shores of England on the eve of th. II I very much enjoy this take On The Arcane Powered By The Binding the arcane Dungeon powered by the binding spirits I highly recommend E Battle of Britain he isulled into a secret mission where every order is a lie and every secret could kill his team Wil.

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Oth The uiet Front as as Memories Of Copper Blood The First of Copper and Blood the first set in the same universe. L he be able to Copper and Blood the first story set in the same universe. L he be able to out what's going on before he must face a risen god or will his gamble to survive cost him everythi. .

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