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Sented a little explicitly to account for a iversified learning style reader audienceI see this one as a book I ll need to read about every 6 months to constantly ingest and igest through repetition Finance is pretty simple This book is the bible to use it in order to manage your business Great book Great intro for anyone in business who oesn t have a finance background And if you o there are still many anyone in business who oesn t have a finance background And if you Its Only a Game do there are still many here While providing some good basics the reading is jumpy and repetitive as it is simply a compilation ofifferent HBR publications In fact two chapters one right after the other give contradictory reads on ROI thinking which is hardly helpful for someone trying to learn the basics Good to keep as a basic resource. Oes Not Eual Cash And You Need Both Why Cash Matters Your Balance Sheet Levers What's Your Working Capital Model A Case Study Learn to Speak the Language of ROI Practical Tools for Management Decisions Making the Numbers Work for You What the Financial Statements Don't Tell You and Harvard Business Review Guides are for busy professionals looking for uick answers to common challenges They're packed with useful tips and practical Advice In A Brief Easy in a brief easy read format Whether you're looking to expand your skills or refresh your existing ones these guides offer reliable answers to your most pressing problems. HBR Guide to Finance Basics for ManagersVery good review of foundational business finance I especially ENJOYED SOME OF THE EXAMPLES CITED ALONG THE WAY some of the examples cited along the way illustrate key concepts Somewhat oes what it says Decoding the jargons Till preparing budgets it was crisp After that it is just a *uick read with not much to learn this * read with not much to learn This covers all financial basics and not too hard for the startersSome parts are boring and full of specific financial words Good basic book on finance will help you understand basic and important principles of financial management Reuired ReadingAlthough this book was reuired reading I really enjoyed it The book not only explained the basic terms and tools of business but as the reader I was able to read it and not get the textbook type of Where o you begin if your boss asks you to prepare a breakeven analysis Can you tell the ifference between an income statement and a balance sheet Between gross margin and revenue Do you understand why a business that's profitable can still go belly up Has your grasp of your company's numbers helped or hurt your career If uestions like these make you sweat you've come to the right place This guide will give you the Tools And Confidence You Need and confidence you need master the finance basics as all good managers must You'll learn how to speak the language of finance compare your firm's financials with rivals' size up your. .
Oice but something that told of a story interwoven with real life cases Good for what it was a uick for ummies primer on the basics of business financeI feel empowered and enriched by having spent the hour or so it took to read it I feel like I understand much better how my managers are seeing the company I work for and how their goals and objectives are framed The HBR Guide to series is always reliable in content applicability and usually ease of understanding for the non expert Finance Basics is also in that vein Content is good basic clear etc However I m going with 3 stars vs 4 because as a finance Guy I Get The Numbers I Get The Need I I the numbers I get the need I the value the overall concepts and use case applications could have been pre. Vulnerability to industry Before Watchmen (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, downturns shift your unit's focus from revenues to profits use financialata to efend budget reuests avoid running out of cash and going out of business keep costs from killing your bottom line invest smartly through costbenefit analysis sell your brilliant idea with ROI and avoid putting too much faith in the numbersThis collection includes Finance uiz Do You Know the Basics The Key Financial Statements The Fundamental Laws of Business Using Statements to Measure You Know the Basics The Key Financial Statements The Fundamental Laws of Business Using Statements to Measure Health Grow Your Profits by Streamlining Your Business Working Your Assets to Boost Your Growth Profit

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