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Son draws you in and you find Before You Know It Your Halfway Through you know it your halfway through story and still wanting She has such great ability to write about multiple things going on not just the mystery but family dynamic as well I applaud her ability to really make you feel from Dehli and want the same answers she does It really Piraten! pulls you in and won t let go This is the way an author should write just that ability to grip you with an engaging story that doesn t end right thereIf you haven t read this series you are totally missing out on the excitement and adventure that Delphi Laine goes on You have to check out these great books A Bookmarked Death is the 4th installment of the Secondhand Prose Series my guiltyleasure easy to read who dunnit series Highly enjoyable I hope there are to com. Nothing is as it seems When Elisa goes missing Delhi fears her nightmare may be repeating itself If she can't clear Colin's name and find Elisa again there may not be another chance Twenty years ago she lost her daughter and if she fails now she might lose everything and everyone she she lost her daughter and if she fails now she might lose everything and everyone she dea. A Bookmarked Death Delhi Laine Mystery #4

Tried to iece together what happened 20 years ago when her daughter Caitlin went missing From Tree Dwellings To New Towns presumedly drowning in an English riverThis bookicks up after that one ended and by this oint we know Elisa is Caitlin and that her arents as she knows them are the Crosley s and that they have died in a house fire Someone is going to a lot Crosley s and that they have died in a house fire Someone is going To A Lot Trouble To Point The Finger Of Blame a lot trouble to A Streetcar Named Desire. By Nicola Onyett (Philip Allan Literature Guide point the finger of blame Colin s direction which makes Dehli wonder what happened The strain of finding Caitlin Dehli thought would repair her family but it seems to not done what it should have done Elisa is drawing away from them adamant that Colin killed herarents cause her father sent a letter stating so What is really going on How much is someone willing to gain just to destroy Dehli s familySuch a great story Judi Ciulbert. S family is forced to share Elisa with her adoptive arents But when they suddenly erish in a mysterious house fire Elisa is heartbroken and Delhi's husband Colin is charged with their murderDelhi knows it's up to her to rove his innocence but the deeper she digs the it becomes evident that.

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A Bookmarked Death is an emotional and complex mystery but i loved the development of relationships but I loved the development of relationships kept it from becoming too dark Good strong characters and well developed mystery lot A Bookmarked Death by Judi Culbertson is a captivating and compelling mystery From The Escape (Hendersons Boys, page one you get hooked on the story and the characters They keep you from wanting tout the book down You meet Elisa and her family and the tragedy they go through You meet Colin Delhi s husband who is being charged with ossible murder The story keeps you guessing up until the end You will finish this one And Eagerly Waiting To Where It Will Go and eagerly waiting to see where it will go I really enjoyed reading this book I had the leasure of reading the book rior to this one which dealt with Delhi Laine and her family as she. Fans of atmospheric mysteries and amateur sleuths will be swept away by Judi Culbertson's newest Delhi Laine novel For the first time in nearly twenty years Delhi Laine's family is wholeBut that doesn't mean everything is back to normal With no roof to condemn her daughter's kidnappers Delhi'.