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If a person is a tiny bit obsessed with Patrick White and that perfectly normal person happens to be me then this lengthy biography is a treat Long and detailed and absolutely be me then this lengthy biography is a treat Long and detailed and absolutely love reading about writers they are so friggin pompous and annoying Plus they write I found the biog hard to put down unlike White s fiction which I find easy to put down Marr has written a scholarly et entertaining biography and Crystal Decoder you really feelou come to know something about an Australian icon our only Nobel laureate in literatureIn everything i have read including White s own portrait of himself Flaws In The Glass he comes across as a horrible man a misogynist but with some political principles with which I might agreeNevertheless that is not the point of literature or art to be loved by one and all White s voice certainly added immensely to the cultural life of this country and it is worth getting to know something about his life and works Marr s book is an excellent place to start An exceptional biography and Marr s writing is excellent his insight into White is deep This has been written with an incredible eye to detail in which the greatness of the great author is unveiled slowly through the anecdotal It is a portrait of of the great author is unveiled slowly through the anecdotal It is a portrait of artist painted on a backdrop of mundane ordinariness in which the greyness of its routines is shattered by the bright spotlights of White s genius and achievements and made dramatic by the vociferation of those who seemed to resent and loath that genius or wanted to spoon off the cream of his success for "Themselves Or The Screeching Of " Or the screeching of who uite simply were unable to see the genius when he stood before them Of course the genius of Patrick White is in the text he wrote rather than his life Nevertheless David Marr s description is of a great and generous humanist with a strong character A writer who hated writing An Australian who hated all nationalisms uoting White on this It all starts with the uestion of identity In recent You Owe Me One years we have been served up a lot of clap trap about the need for the national identity We have been urged to sing imbecile jingles flex our muscles like the sportsmen from telly commercials and display hearty optimism totally unconvincing because so superficial and unnatural Those who preach this doctrine are usually the kind of chauvinist who is preparing this country not to avert war but to engage in it Anyhow this is not the way to cultivate an Australian identity For one thing we are still in the melting pot a rich but notet blended stew of disparate nationalities And most of us who were transplanted here generations ago either willingly or unwillingly the white overlords and their slave whites are still uncertain in ourselves Australia will never acuire a national identity until enough individual Australians acuire identities of their ownDavid Marr s biography is so detailed and complex that it has to be a classic the kind of book that readers will want to reread and that when they do reread it it will seem like a new book each time An excellent biography that gives the reader some understanding of White the man what made him become a writer and whe. 'I think this book should be called The Monster of All Time But I am a monster ' Patrick WhitePatrick White winner of the Nobel Prize and author of than a dozen novels and plays including Voss The Vivisector and The Twyborn Affair lived an extraordinary life David Marr's brilliant biography draws not only on a wide range of original research but. Patrick White A LifeRe his writing came from Marr gives the reader a very good idea of who White was without any trace of flattery adulation or exaggeration He does this by uoting White via the 2500 letters Marr reviewed via White s recorded spoken word via passages his White s novels and via interviews with the people White had dealings Marr s description is of a great and generous humanist with a strong character A writer who hated writing but understood writing to be his calling On Goodreads his average rating is 437 with 134 calling On Goodreads his average rating is 437 with 134 It s 644 pages Patrick White is the only Australian who has won the Nobel Prize for Literature 1973 The novels that were influential in White gaining the prize include The Tree of Man 1955 Voss 1957 and The Eye of the Storm 1973 White s father and grandfather were Australian sheep farmers Whilst White was born in London he lived his childhood and early teenage Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes years in Australia He studied in England was a jackeroo in Australia in his early 20s spentears in the 1940s in Egypt as a British intelligence officer where he meet the love of his life Manoly Lascaris a Greek man They lived in Australia just outside Sydney from 1947 to 1996 and then in suburban Sydney until White s death in 1990Coming from a well to do family White lived off his inheritance prior to his success from his books White enjoyed company and had many people he communicated with over the Second Son (Jack Reacher, years He was a good cook and invited people over for dinner most Sundays He had a terrible temper was opinionated spoke his mind saying horrible things to all his friends on a consistent basiset was an honest trustworthy very generous supportive person to know and be with A complex man The book does an extremely good job of allowing the reader to know something of the mind of WhiteWhite s novels are character based I have always enjoyed his well fleshed out characters the dialogue and descriptions of the Australian landscape and way of life My favourite novels include The Tree of Man Vivisector and The Riders in the Chariot Many readers find White unreadable The Tree of Man or Happy Valley are amongst his easier reads and a good starting point for readers new to White I bow down to David Marr for this amazing biographical accomplishment Having only read four of White s novels to date this awe inspiring biography has motivated me to read the rest of his novels and short stories and given me an insider s view of Australia s literary giant of the 20th century Marr s research and stylish prose combined with an admirable ability to accept his subject totally and present him to readers warts and all are as far from hagiography as one could get This is surely one of the great literary biographies a must read God I loved this bookI ve only read two or three of Patrick White s novels but even The Tree Man alone would Have Been Enough To Draw been enough draw to the life of the genius who created it I rarely read non fiction and even rarely biography obviously It could be that this is only the second literary biography I ve read the other that I can recall being Edmund White s Genet The commonality between the two is that they are about great writers. Also on the single most difficult and important source of all the man himself In the weeks before his death White read the final manuscript which for richness of detail authority and balance is stunningThroughout his exciting narrative Marr explores the roots of White's writing and unearths the raw material of his remarkable art He makes plain th. ,

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Written by great writers Both books are impeccably written and exhaustive the difference being that Genet was exhausting whereas Patrick White A Life is simply riveting That s as much to do with me and my interests as it is to do with the uality of either of the booksIt s not surprising that Patrick White is such a genuinely complex man but it is very satisfying to come across a character who is as fascinating as any that leaped from his pen The thing that excited me the most was his evolution as a man both politically and spiritually The idea of someone so clearly blessed with brilliance learning and adapting and changing over a lifetime clearly blessed with brilliance learning and adapting and changing over a lifetime exceedingly exciting That the art but not the artist can be fully formed at any given time I found the great uestions of my life reflected in Patrick White s and this is not to say that I am comparing myself to him in any way other than that greatness does not endow one with all the answers and that life remains a beautiful mystery to us all and in that we are eual Patrick White is one of my favorite authors This lengthy biography does complete justice to him as an author and a man in all his grumpy difficult heroic and creative ways Born in England to Australian parents he spent his United States of Americana youth and earlyears living between both countries before settling in Australia with his partner Manoly whom he met during World War 2 A couple of early novels before the war promised great things to come as they eventually did in the form of 10 novels and numerous plays and short stories earning him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1973 He was not one for prizes or fuss however and when
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was asked by a thoughtless journalist who he believed was the greatest living Australian writer this notably fractious author replied unhesitatingly Christina Stead He used his prize money to set up a fund for older Australian writers who had not received due recognition for their work A good bloke after allWhite used situations and people he knew as the basis This has been on my shelf for some time and some wise advice was given to me ears ago and that was that to appreciate reading the works of Patrick White it can be helpful to first understand The Person David Marr Has person David Marr has a loving well researched and fascinating story of Patrick White There is so much in this story from the personal family stories set within the Australia of the colonial ears war ears and beyond this is truly a broad sweep of Australia s white history scattered with the characters that fill Patrick White s writing I am very lucky to have had such good advice and such an excellent writer who does honour a worthy Nobel Prize winner Even if I didn t love White s work this is a fascinating book and I m not a great lover of biography Nor I am interested in Australia But almost against my will rather like White himself I was engrossed by the depiction of the culture and society of Australia which becomes almost a character in itself This is particularly true once he decides to return to Australia to live it s clear to me that his story and that of Australia are inseparable It s impeccably researched and writte. E central fact of White's life as an artist the homosexuality that formed his view of himself as an outcast and stranger able to penetrate the hearts of both men and women Gracefully written and exhaustively researched Patrick White is a biography of classic excellence sympathetic objective penetrating and as blunt when necessary as White himself. ,

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