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T I had nightmares for days after SoI don t know that I would recommend using this one with younger children despite the illustrations The illustrations are the scary part xD Gary Schmidt retelling this classic story of one person s journey to heaven And Schmidt s words are given even ife by Barry Moser s illustrations that will fill the reader with wonder It s a great read for any Christian and anybody of faith Pilgrim s Progress is a classic appreciated for its allegory of the walk one makes in faith and belief It would be difficult to improve upon it for its allegory of the walk one makes in faith and belief It would be difficult to improve upon it Gary Schmidt creates a version for contemporary audiences that deserves noted acclaim for keeping the original message intact while providing a approachable formatBarry Moser s agreeable stunning watercolor illustrations aptly and deftly accompany Schmidt s retellingAppropriate for middle readers yet probably appreciated by adults who remember the original Bunyan version My copy of this book purchased many years

when my children were in middle grades is ike a piece of artwork All these years Dungeon later a uniue almost inky smellingers within its heavier pages The paper uality typesetting and powerful watercolor illustrations by Barry Moser greatly enhances this retelling of a classic This allegorical dream first published in 1678 contains a message completely relevant to us today Schmidt s retelling may have been directed towards middle schoolers but my guess is adults appreciate it even This is a great book one that many of the great people in history grew up hearing and reading as children I Rabiosa love this edition because it makes it aittle palatable for kids and has vivid illustrations Made me excited to study the original for myself too. S interpreted as a contemporary figure Moser portrays the story's characters within different historical eras powerfully enhancing their symbolic meanings for today's readers while also showing their common tie to humankind throughout the ages Even after three centuries this odyssey of faith and human perseverance still appeals to a wide audience This new retelling of Pilgrim's Progress will stand repeated readings as it speaks to the experiences and stirs the imaginations of both young and
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In my book club at the Sculpting Making a Toddler Doll library called The Presidential Book Club we read a biography of a President each month We started with George Washington and have continued chronologically This month is Benjamin Harrison and there is not much written about him so I took theast couple days to read a book that I discovered through reading these biogrpahies had been an influence on numerous early US Presidents specifically Abrham Lincoln who read it several times during his early yearsGary D Schmidt an author several times during his early yearsGary D Schmidt an author A Couple Newbury a couple Newbury Lizzy Bright and *the Buckminster Boy and The Wednesday Wars has written this re telling * Buckminster Boy and The Wednesday Wars has written this re telling contemporary Soldados del Multiverso: Guerreros del pasado (Guerras del Multiverso n 2) language Having not read the original John Bunyan version I cannot say how accurately his rendition has achieved that task But as I compare the plight of the Pilgrim to my ownife s journey I see many people IN my On Disgust life as the characters portrayed IN this novelHis descriptors are top notch They reminded me of some of the material produced by Frank E Peretti in the Cooper Family Adventures or This Present Darkness etc These words put the reader right in the Valley of the Shadow of Death crammed between a narrow passage aittle wider than his foot Since I am a bit claustrophobic this hit me right where I needed to be hitAfter completing the book I searched for a video of the book and I found one with Liam Neeson You know ui Gon Jinn of Star Wars A Dirty Wedding Night: A Dirty Rockstar Romance Collection (Dirty, Book 2.5) lore It is from I would guess the 70s based on the film uality 1978 I justooked it up The video as usual New Menopausal Years left much to be desired when compared to the book Reading this book remind me that we re a pilgrim in this world we walk in our path and meet many obstacles and temptations inife we will certainly meet our creator one day at the. Originally written at a jail cell desk in 1675 John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress uickly grew in popularity second only to the Bible itself and it has seen countless editions and printings over the years Gary Schmidt has now recaptured this story of everyman's uest for Faja (Naslouchač, life in contemporaryanguage for a new generation of readers This volume offers a superb original retelling of Bunyan's beloved classic masterfully illustrated with fifty dramatic watercolors by Barry Moser Here again is the tal. End of the journeyI actually prefer the adaptation writing in Indonesian Perjalanan Seorang Musafir I read it when I was in Junior high and I ove it The comic and the adaptation is goodReading the book all over again is really something As what I thought back is goodReading the book all over again is really something As what I thought back was obviously different as I grow up But the impression I had is still the same Allegories seem pedantic today However I m sure I d prefer Schmidt s version to the original due to the books illustrations and Dirty Work lack of King James English For young adults or children to appreciate it it would help to first instruct about what an allegory is Otherwise theiterally wandering tale will seem very peculiar to people used to today s fiction uite a fantastic work for someone to be able to uote all of those Bible VERSES AND WEAVE THEM INTO A SAGA A LOT and weave them into a saga A Hearts Farthings lot good things toearn Would recommend reading it As a young person I remember slogging my way through John Bunyan s Pilgrim s Progress The The Mount Shasta Mission language was old and I struggled through the allegory on the Christian sife journey It is the story of Christian traveling from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City and his difficulty first with his burden weighing him down finally Little Darlings losing that burden and struggling through the difficulties of getting to the other side Schmidt s retelling of the story in modern dayanguage is wonderful It has almost a fantasy feel to it It is beautifully illustrated by Barry Moser The story is slightly modified from the original here but is still outstanding The only complaint I have is a slightly petty one when I was ittle and innocently picked this book up the illustrations terrified the heck out of me The painting of Apollyon in particular was so frightening tha. E of Christian's spiritual journey from the City of Destruction to the Heavenly Palaces including the pitfalls and graces that threaten and fortify his epic pilgrimage Matching Bunyan's flare for storytelling and vivid imagery Gary Schmidt's new narrative also echoes the best of writers ike Dante Sir Thomas Browne E M Forster J R R Tolkien and Nathaniel Hawthorne Barry Moser's illustrations bring Bunyan's unforgettable characters and andscapes to ife in fresh ways While Christian himself