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He plot and honestly had no real idea f what was going Period Power on Syria is hell is basically thenly thing I took away from thisNAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerYasmin fSophie fAbu Taysir mAbu Azab mOne Eyed EliasJamal mHaval mYazan mSalem mWalid Abu atada mZahabiah fFawaz Al Fawaz m hide spoiler another great graphic novel about middle eastern conflict although sulaimans style Biblical Standard for Evangelists of completely black and white formal than cartoon is different to almost all graphic novels i ve read before i really enjoyed it except forne frame parodying the sistine chapel with two characters passing a zootgosh i couldnt help but cringe good for basic knowledge Until Again of the early stagesf the syrian for basic knowledge Jesus Calling of the early stagesf the syrian war leaving u with lots Ebeles Favourite of pointersf where else to research etc also highlighting hypocrisy from some f the powers involved the way it points ut where the arms are sold from Dope book Hamid As much as the remarkable story that Freedom Hospital tells it doesn t feel very effective The advantage that comic book format has The Quiet Front overther mediums is the power Beading on a Loom of the visuals Hamid Sulaiman s visuals are sketchy minimalistic and communicating with negative spaces rather than drawn lines The style is effective at places evoking a rebellious street mural kindf poignancy But at many Nights of the Round Table other places where the critical drama happens it falls short One wonders if a Joe Sacco kindf attention to detail could have helped The Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval overall effectf Hamid s style is to make it feel like a skim through an When Miss Gangster Meets Her Match otherwise deeply humanist tale This past week I read The Arabf the Future volume 3 Aliens Among Us of Riad Sattouf s memoir about growing up in mostly Syria and France set in the eighties an amusing talef an economic and political system in chaos I also read don brown s ya riented unwanted stories Don Brown s YA riented Unwanted stories n 21st century Syrian refugees a continuing tragedy Freedom Hospital is graphic fiction historical fiction set in 2012 40 000 people have already at this point died at this point in what was known as the Syrian Arab Spring what people had hoped and still hope was the beginning f a revolution against a brutal regime that has had international nightmarish implications The story focuses Croatie : Cte Adriatique, Dalmatie on various young people working toward the revolutionut Jonathan Visits the White House of a small clandestine hospital The effect isn t so much historical as literary which is to say it gives the feelf what it might have been for young hopeful people living in political chaos with people dead and dying all around It feels in story and artwork poetic which is to say all the connections to historical events r plot r character are less detailed intimated It s scratch Από τη Μήδεια στη Σταχτοπούτα, Η ιστορία του φαλλού off black and white artwork sortf blotchy which makes me think it is consistent with the diy nature This Poison Will Remain of the hospital There s a 12 character list at thepening to help you follow maybe too many characters for a short book My attraction to it is my third way What Red Was of presenting connections to an international political disaster largely ignored by the international community What can journalists andther writers do to bear witness This would not be useful were it the Sweep of the Blade (Innkeeper Chronicles, only thing you read about Syria today but it is useful as partf the puzzle Freedom Hospital is a mix Infernal Dictionary Deluxe Edition of fact and fiction based around an underground Syrian hospital which tends to injured rebels At the startf the book it feels like the rebels wanted a peaceful solution to the country s problems As time goes Bent Over Screaming (Slave to the Desk Book 1) on and the death toll climbs they are turned to violence too This leaves a space for extremists to recruit those who feel failed by both sides and we see how Isis tried to take advantagef the situationAs well as these three factions Life by Committee of course there are those who just want to getn with their lives along with their human rights so uashed by Ass. Andestine hospital in the north f the country Her town is controlled by Assads brutal regime but is relatively stable However as the months pass the situation becomes increasingly complex and violent Told in stark beautiful black and white imagery Fr. ,

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Ad The daily death count printed at the top f the pages is a saddenign reminder The Keeper of the Jackalopes of the senseless lossf the conflictAssad s regime is propped up by foreign weapons and throughout the pages the tanks planes and artillery are tagged by who provided what a lot from Russia but tother countries aren t innocent eitherIf you re uite well informed End Product of the Syria situation I m not sure reading this will add much but it serves as a good introduction It s not an intensely personal approach as Hamid has used anecdotes from manyf his friends who stayed behind rather than writing an account The Language of Love of hiswn experienceI m not a huge fan The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy of the artwork but its sparseness does fit with the subject matter here It is hard to find the right words to say about this book The war in Syria is atrocious and abominable and we need to know about it I am not going to say that in facef war Quran Made Easy only non fictional writing is justified No uite the contrary somef the greatest pieces Apro dnatoire of art are dealing with human suffering in war times Guernica Im Westen nichts Neues Apocalypse Now etc etc Freedom Hospital is a legitimate personal expressionf an artist about the Syrian civil war Yet I *doubt that it is either useful for understanding it better r a great piece f art And the nly * that it is either useful for understanding it better r a great piece f art And the nly for me to judge this book is by taking it as a piece Maths Made Easy Times Tables Ages 5-7 Key Stage 1 of artMuchf my depreciation Never Say Never of this book is a problem I have with the whole genre graphic novels and comics I can t stand trivial text If this genre is to be a compoundf two diverse arts the art Fetish Affaire of literature and the artf drawing then I expect the artists Lives of Notorious Cooks of this genre to try to excel in bothf these involved arts And the conversation text in this book is commonplace in an embarrassing way trivial artless below mediocre simply bad Now if the pictures were great they might save some f if the pictures were great they might save some f negative impression I had from the book And I must admit that unlike the text the pictures do attempt at being art It can arouse an impression Manon, Ballerina of dark times in a dark place Nothing unexpected in viewf the topic appropriate But why are the characters so flat so indistinguishable This doesn t make sense as the dramatis personae in the beginning فرهنگ معاصر پویا/ انگلیسی-فارسی-دو جلد در یک جلد of the book and the developmentf the story treats the characters clearly as individuals as distinguishable And the same is true for the locations Undamaged houses and rubble are hardly distinguishable either I do believe that the author is mourning T-Force over the lossf his country Syria and he is clearly in favor Wilder Girls of the political anti Assadpposition not in favor CFNM Model of the islamistpposition though but he treats the country without love when he draws itAll in all this seems to be a rambling book to me I need to get my information and my art about the tragedy Strange Weather of Syria from somewhere else Any suggestions It s critical to understand the complex war in Syria a revolution that began as a hopeful resistancef a tyrannical leader turning arms Its Only a Game on his people that turned into a conflict between a tyrannical government and terrorist groupsf the Islamic brotherhood backed by the money and military power f Russia and the US However if I hadn t already read about this I think this book would confuse me and graphic novels are known for their ability to make complex topics understandable in that regard this FAILED THE ART WAS MINIMALIST AND SKETCHY WHICH COULD The art was minimalist and sketchy which could an atmosphere f chaos and mess but could also just confuse the narrative The characters were so blurry that I could never tell who was who much less find a way to connect and care for them especially when the entire text was dialogue driven nly However it is an important topic and ne could do worse things than pick this up I admire the writer and what he endured and it was a very fast read. Eedom Hospital illuminates a complicated situation with gut wrenching detail and very dark humor The story Before Watchmen (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, of Syria isne Ownership and Possession of the most devastating narrativesf ur age and Freedom Hospital is an important and timely book from a new international tale. ,
This is the kind f book I always feel bad about not liking better It s important subject matter about real lives being destroyed Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) or sent into upheaval And yet all I do is wonder why the author didn t provide context for the events and characters who wander through his tale and I end up spending too much time focusedn the inadeuacies The Pool By the Whispering Trees (Tim and the Hidden People Book C1) of the story and art Some people live some people die and this story does not do much to make me care about anyf them It doesn t help that this is a fictionalized account Magic in the North of the Syrian Civil War and so I have to wonder how much license is being taken Also there is a constant refrainf x number Imagining Gay Paradise of days pass and y numberf people die It s a horrifying reminder König der Welten 1 of the toll but it also serves to start causing a detachment and makes me thinkf that awful Love, and Other Things to Live For old Stalin uote The deathf Treasure Trail / The Crimson Phoenix / Model Murder (The Shadow, one man is a tragedy the deathf millions is a statistic It s staggering to think how this story is set like five Vanity Bagh or six years ago and how the death and suffering has just continued unabated in the interim But again the creator doesn t manage to bring this home to me between the coversf his bookAnd no the author having a character acknowledge the cheesiness f an amnesia storyline in the script does not then make the amnesia storyline not cheesyThe art is full f big black blotches that at times seem less like illustrations and like Rorschach test inkblots Characters are drawn in an almost impressionistic style with a minimum Preaching to a Post-Everything World of lines so they are sometimes difficult to tell apart Action is sometimes difficult to followI was hoping for something that would educate and move me but instead I m left wishing I had read something elsenly downside a mix f fiction real eventsYet a powerful insight into the nce proclaimed democratic revolutionsWhilst the book is vey anti Assad real eventsYet a powerful insight into the Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems once proclaimed democratic revolutionsWhilst the book is vey anti Assad the beginning it shows the true naturef war and how nearly all participants turn to monsters with and sufferings and retaliation It s near impossible to tell an uplifting Keys to inner space or a comprehensive storyf the still Winner Takes All ongoing wars within Syria and this book doesn t attempt to do so but tells a storyf complicated situations that can t be contained within a binary Registers of Illuminated Villages of good and evil Sulaiman himself a Syrian refugee attempts to educate foreignersn the international scope f the war in his home country and show that there are kind and caring people within who believe in the human right to survive The people within who believe in the human right to survive The war carries so much tragedy day after day and as foreigners we don t get to see many individual stories n the news This novel was finished in 2016 and just a few months ago in 2019 new terrible dimensions Caleb the Overcomer of the civil war unfold drawing deaths and despair Fck I m neither a pessimist nor anptimist I m a realist I never thought I d see the day we d be pandering to the likes Firmin of Abu atada and Salem pg 214This isn t a good book I m sorry to say I m not even sure what it s about I got the main message Syria is hellThat s it I stumbled through the book If you asked me who the characters were and what their motivations were I d be unable to answer If you asked me What happened in the book I d be unable to answer Who was good Who did what to whom Who betrayed whom What the heck was goingn I have no ideaI know Hamid Sulaiman fled Syria and wrote this book to shed some light Mobilizing Minds on what was goingn there but he failed I have no idea what s going The Building Accounts of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1517-18 on after reading this bookThe book starts with a castf characters and that s ALWAYS a bad sign IMO If I can t tell your characters stories and faces and lives apart from reading the book we re already in trouble You re even acknowledging this by making a Cast But That I Cant Believe! of Characters so we are in even deeper troubleTL DR The book is confusing I couldn t follow JOE SACCO MEETS PERSEPOLIS IN THIS GRAPHIC NOVEL FROM A NEW INTERNATIONAL TALENT HAMID SULAIMAN WINNER ENGLISH PEN AWARD It is spring 2012 and 40000 people have died since the startf the Syrian Arab Spring In the wake f this Yasmine has set up a cl. Freedom Hospital

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