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Ash Tree Press had done a singular service to the lovers of supernatural fiction when they had brought out this book after it had practically vanished for almost 50 years The introduction by Richard Dalby has been enormous and highly informative But I would like to confine my review to my thoughts concerning the storiesThis book is all about stories that people tell after satisfactory dinners apparently in accordance with some time honoured English tradition Unfortunately either to make the stories saleable or to conform to editorial expectations Since Almost All These almost all these had seen prior publications in magazines during the 1920 s several stories that should have been outstanding examples of psychological horror were compelled to become rather pedestrian examples of supernatural horror But let me gesticulate story wise1 Vlasto s Doll A grim story that could have become precursor of all the spooky stories about the ventrilouist s dummy eventually became an over written story of dubiously supernatural revenge Frankly speaking the cover illustration by Paul Lowe is a lot sinister than "the actual story2 Robin s Rath Sentimental exploration of the beauty " actual story2 Robin s Rath Sentimental exploration of the beauty of paganism a popular theme also encountered in several contemporary stories3 The Woozle A terrifyingly realistic story of childhood fears that became frivolously supernatural oriented along with all other pseudo scientific flummeries to ote my knowledgeable friend to explain it4 Floris and the Soldan s Daughter Another brilliant story of obsession and a man s descent into madness Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World utterly trashed by thencalled for imposition of supernatural at the last passage5 The Fifteenth Green Mild precursor of HRW s jewel like The Seventeenth Hole at Duncaster 6 How Pan came to Little Ingleton Rather light hearted story with a moral lesson at the tail7 Death Valley African mumbo jumbo and all other routine stuff sometimes I miss Lukundoo so much8 The Curse of the Stillborn Good compact story9 The Fields of Jean Jacues Drivel and dribble followed by the entire. NIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE is one of the last remaining completely forgotten ghost story collections of the 1920s possibly because copies of the original book publication have over the years been virtually impossible to find However the twelve stories in this collection well justify a place alongside those written by E F Benson A M Burrage H R Wakefield and Eleanor Scott and their author Margery Lawrence possessed a story telling skill comparable to each of tho. Ly predictable finish10 Morag of the Cave BEST story of the book and one of the most satisfactorily haunting Mythos stories although in this case the inspiration probably came not from Massachusetts but from the English coasts that case the inspiration probably came not from Massachusetts but from the English coasts that have ever read11 The White Cat If only the story was 4 pages long rather than its actual 20 page length12 The Haunted Saucepan Sometimes the idea of haunting is taken to such silly extents that it becomes impossible to take the writer seriously and this is exactly what happened with this storyOverall I would NOT like to return to this collection And if you ever feel like inuisitive about after dinner stories that can be told in darkening evenings I would recommend you to read only one story Neil Gaiman s October in the Chair It would stay with you forever or at least longer than the memory of these stories that I have recounted just now PLACEHOLDER REVIEWMorag Of The Cave is a thoroughly Gaelic story about a strange beautiful young woman who who does not take a partner from the inhabitants of her small fishing town but instead seems entranced by other options which ends disastrously for her her "child and the man who does love her This is told with some wonderful Irish " and the man who does love her This is told with some wonderful Irish that really captures the lilt and dance of the speakers and contains a genre element that both looks backwards to folklore and forwards to a notorious New England seacoast town and its inhabitants Well done Nights of the Round Table is a delightful and compelling collection of short fiction The characters were well crafted and the prose kept me connected and pulled me along Robin s Rath is an excellent Green Man story containing the sual warnings regarding letting the old places in nature remain as they are This occupies an interesting space slightly explicit than The Great God Pan but I also want the version of this written by Livia Llewellyn The Woozle #was a delightful bogeyman story The Fifteenth Green is the best se I #a delightful bogeyman story The Fifteenth Green is the best The Spill use I seen of golf and horror while also indicting the excesses of development How Se famous writersThe collection is formed by the narrations of members of a dining club hosted by Saunderson a man whondoubtedly had a liking for congenial interesting company Lawrence writes that 'the one nspoken rule the Open Sesame to dine at Fat Frank Saunderson's was to come armed with a story worth hearing The rarer and curious the better' Prior to the Ash Tree Press edition in 1998 these 'rare and curious' tales last appeared in print in 1947 and rea.

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