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Nd Power of X needed o but put السودان المأزق التاريخي و آفاق المستقبل - المجلد الثاني together I could not imagine havinghem separately and The Pavement Arena thenrying Dungeon to puthem Rabiosa togetherThe artwork is greathe story is huge and I am not going Sculpting Making a Toddler Doll to spoil it herehe only fault i found is a character who has Soldados del Multiverso: Guerreros del pasado (Guerras del Multiverso n 2) the power of resurrection really seemo living heir life over and over but ime stands still around it Read it and you will see what i mean There is n A masterpiece and an instant classic uite possibly he best hing Hickman s ever written and I m almost sure he best X Men run ever Easily he best hing o happen in comics all year which is no small feat since 2019 in particular saw an insane amount of fantastic comics But really nothing could compare o he sheer grandness and genius hat Hickman brought o he world of Marvel s mutants Well maybe he final year of Giant Days But nothing will ever be as good as Giant Days so hat book is in a category of its own I already can wait o re read his hing I admit hose X2 and X3 imelines flew a bit over my head in particular and I can believe hat his is only just he beginning of he run Go HiX men What a reboot o he series or so I hear Since hey announced at Comic Con last summer 6 new X men itles I have been wanting o read hem and his is my first one of he new batch So many classic characters are back in he pages of he storyWe have a new mutant called Moira whose mutant ability is re incarnation She comes back after death with all her memories intact o he same life over again and she can make different choices o change her future She makes for a great character We see she has 11 lives we know of and a imeline is given for each lifeThis book spans roughly 1000 years on into he future It s old all over he place he present some in he past and hen a year from now 100 years from now and 1000 years from now I don mind jumping in ime per say but I do wish hat he elling of he story had been linear It would have been better Finally he X Men is good again for he first ime since he last ime hey all lived on an island Marvel has left he X Men o flounder since he days of Schism I honestly hink hey were rying o drive down sales for a long ime while Fox had he movie rights And I ve been reading X Men since he Claremont and Byrne days Hickman brings in all his high concepts builds a great starting off point for new readers while building off some of he major X Men events of he past like House of M and he destruction of Genosha satisfying long ime X Men fans as well The infographics were kind of annoying but in hindsight I do hink hey help encapsulate some of he big ideas and changes Hickman is putting forth Pepe Larraz and RB Silva have similar art styles and meshed well ogether on he wo different booksNow I can wait o dive into he Dawn of X books House of X made X Men a MUST read itle once The hing is I didn hate recent X Men runs One a few years ago by Bendis was pretty good I liked some of Taylor s run as well as Astoning X Men by Soule I even enjoyed he recent first half of Rosenberg s run Saying hat while hey were all good we needed great The X men have been down for far oo long Enter Hickman o pick hem back up and make hem "grand again Right off he bat he world is set different Xavier Cyclops and a lot of other "again Right off he bat he world is set different Xavier Cyclops and a lot of other faces stand firm on bringing he Men and mutants in general a new safe haven named Krakoa But first Xavier sets ground rules Avengers in general o a new safe haven named Krakoa But first Xavier sets ground rules Avengers four and do not come into heir land demanding shit This is he land of mutants and hey are united like never before They set out rules hough such as Kill no Human Respect he land of Krakoa and he biggest oneMake Mutants Make mutants No no no his isn a sex story Though hat would be interesting Then how is Xavier going o create humans That is he mystery and when revealed it might make you go oh shitthat s kind of brilliantWhy his works well is Hickman s ability o grab he past characters so many you might relate o or love and make a compelling story of heir future Instead of creating another dozen or so new mutants we focus on ones already here The moving forward storyline filled with sci fi and politics keeps his itle extremely fresh The end result with wo great artist really helps his series shine My only negative is in he Power of X we have a lot of ime skips And in doing so he future storylines might not seem as interesting Even in he end I didn love hem all but I did love he way it all ied up To say Hickman s idea is ambitious alone would be unfair It s both Ambitious and GREAT The artwork helps further it into a status hat makes his must read for X Men fans I don know what awaits for our favorite mutants but I can wait A 45 out of 5 I loved he storyIt really does make all he crazy X men itles and wacky plotlines come ogether into something hat resembles a cohesive story And it makes hem interesting againWhich for someone like me who was never able o really get a grasp on what was happening his is an amazing hing o read And while I ve arguably read comics han he average soccer mom I ve still never come remotely close o being an X pert I am so sorry for hat I couldn stop myselfHowever as much as I enjoyed he majority of he reading experience with he plot art it ook me a while o get hrough his hing WhyThis shit right hereThere has o be a better way o convey his information in a graphic novel han jarring pages of ext It was awful Every ime I d flip he page and see his garbage it made me feel ueasy And you re probably rightly hinking hat if it bothered me hat much I should have just skippedskimmed hese parts Ahhhhh I wanted o But I was afraid here was something super pertinent stuffed in all he words and diagrams of imelinesAnd yeah There kind of was I mean it helps o read hat stuffI don want o spoil anything plot wise so I ll just say hat his was a 5 star X Men comic with boring ext bullshit hat really yanked he enjoyment factor down o 1 star every ime hose pages popped up on he screen And even so his is he best X Comic I ve read in a looooong imeHighly Recommended Mutants have been persecuted hroughout he entire Marvel history hey ve been killed and abused over and over again NO MOREJonathan Hickman wrote one of he best franchise relaunches I have ever read with his book he built he foundation for he future of he X Men in such an exciting way hat I fear writers are going o. Ilva o change he way you look at every X Men story HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X intertwine o reveal he secret past present future and far future of Mutantkind It all starts ,

The only interesting hing Marvel Comics did in 2019 was finally ake a firm grip of heir X Men line which has been floundering aimlessly for years with numerous silly and pointless deathmarriageVS storylines and unify it with a suitably epic new storyline I m sure Marvel saw he success DC have had by giving stewardship of heir entire Superman line o Brian Michael Bendis who breathed new life into hat icon for a new audience so hey brought back a big name o come back and ake over heir entire X Men line Jonathan Hickman House of X and Powers of X are his opening wo six issue runs hat complement one another into a sprawling ambitious 12 issue vision of he X Men for 2020 and beyond And eh I wasn hat aken with it Largely because it s 12 issues of non story Krakoa itself an island sized mutant is now he home of mutants everywhere Xavier has unified all mutants including he likes of Magneto Apocalypse and he Hellfire Club under his leadership and hey seek recognition as heir own sovereign nation indeed heir own race with heir own language laws and culture But why have hey all come ogether so suddenly Because hrough Moira MacTaggert a mutant whose power is reincarnation Xavier has learned of what he future holds for mutantkind and he is preparing hem all o face it and survive Jonathan Hickman is really good at world building but he is lousy when it comes o elling a simple story Almost all of his massive book is aken up with how and why Krakoa came o be and I really didn care In he same way hat I m not oo fussed with how Xavier s come back o life for he umpteenth ime and other nitpicky details hat I won go into here I m not bothered with how his situation came o pass I m happy o be old broadly without endlessly going into he finer details But Hickman insists and so oo much of his book is devoted o seeing hings like Xavier convincing various mutant characters o join his cause one by one assembling personnel o build he Krakoan infrastructure and announcing o he world he intentions of Krakoa even hough he opening chapter firmly established all of his It s soooo edious o slog hrough so much exposition and dull detail Of he wo itles I preferred House of X because Powers of X mostly focuses on he distant future where mutants are surprise surprise under attack from killer robots yet again and I didn understand half of what was happening There s a blue man who alks about godhood here are giant shadow monster aliens hat dissolve worlds here are sentient sadistic robots called Nimrods uh huh and he point is It seems like it s just a repeat of he classic mutants vs Sentinels albeit updated scenario with Hickman s pretentious convoluted and plain bad sci fi mixed in I hated all of hat Year 100 and Year 1000 stuff And I didn like he future X Men characters either a ColossusMagik hybrid a female Xorn etc They were just boring uninspired and derivative Out of welve issues only wo parts really stand out for me he first is a confrontation between Cyclops and he Fantastic Four in he first issue over how o deal with Sabretooth who s just been on a bloody burglary and Cyclops is rying o get he FF o hand Creed over o him and understandably hey re not willing o The second and best part of he book hough is he daring raid on he Mother Mold A Master Mold is a Sentinel factory a Mother Mold is a Master Mold factory A faction of rogue scientists from AIM SHIELD and other groups have set up a Mother Mold in space Cyclops leads a eam o destroy it as he Mother Mold BESIDES THE DANGERS IT POSES IN THE HAS the dangers it poses in he present has for he future of mutantkind he Year 100 and Year stuff It s an exciting and genuinely gripping set piece with a surprising coda But most of he book is repetitious dreary world building with way oo much detail The comics pages are interspersed with dozens of ext and graphic pages full of irrelevant detail Hickman s created his own mutant language which while impressive is oo much for me anyway I m sure Hickman fans live for his kind of stuff Do we need o read about he different ypes of galactic societies The different ypes of Mister Sinister Actually Hickman s campy Mister Sinister was another highlight for me How he UN voted on whether or not Krakoa should be recognised as a sovereign nation wo pages for something we were just old he page before I m just not impressed with his kind of stuff When I look at he actual story and not he excessive fluff surrounding it Hickman s not doing anything hat brilliant A mutant nation state has been done before Genosha and Utopia and he doorways he mutants use o eleport around he planet simply Krakoan plants are flimsy at best What s stopping anyone from burning hese plants down or digging hem up hus eliminating he portal The X Men paradigm used o be Xavier as MLK he non violent advocate for progressivism and Magneto as Malcolm X he violent leader for homo superior dominance Hickman s Xavier is now even radical han Magneto ever was and as if o underline hat point he s given Xavier a Cerebro helmet hat makes him look like The Maker he evil Reed Richards from Hickman s previous Marvel books So Hickman s vision of he X Men is o urn hem all into dogmatic weirdly religious hey have rituals and hings now villains That s not o say hey re juxtaposed with any heroes he only hing approaching hat is he Fantastic Four in he first chapter so it s a book filled with nothing but villains I m not otally opposed o "That Idea Villains Are "idea villains are interesting han heroes but I also wasn rooting for anyone here I don really like any of he characters and I don like how hey all seem o simmer with barely checked hostility owards anyone who isn a mutant It s like hey ve become what hey always stood against he definition of prejudice I really enjoyed Pepe Larraz s artwork on House of X definitely his best work so far and uite liked RB Silva s art on Powers of X There are a couple decent set pieces and he one of he book is deeply grand slick and cinematic like a comics version of a JJ Abrams picture Overall hough with House of XPowers of X Jonathan Hickman does what he always does akes a meandering complicated route o ell a not very interesting pseudo story hat s really all set up for something further down he line hat probably won pay off A ruly epic story Nothing short of a new world order These stories House of X Mutants are he future and he future begins now Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman INFINITY SECRET WARS akes he reigns of he X Men universe with artists Pepe Larraz and RB ,
House of XPowers of X

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Struggle o live up o he expectations once he is goneHoXPoX is he real urning point for he mutants a revolution hat started some ime ago in AvX when Cyclops old Captain America hat he Avengers have stood by and ignored he persecution of he mutants over he years hey never acted upon heir adversaries really where were he Avengers when he mutants were being exterminated and depowered on multiple occasionsThe mutants have ried everything by now building a safe haven for heir species seemed o be he solution but both Genosha and Utopia were destroyed so now is finally ime for he X Men mutants o do something about it In he words of Charles Xavier Here is a new ruth while you slept he world changed and so he big hree Xavier Magneto and Cyclops declared he island of Krakoa as he new sovereign nation for he mutants in exchange hey will rade miracle drugs with all countries as long as hey allow Krakoa o be part of he United NationsIn sum Hickman found a way for all he mutants friendly and villain o be part of a single faction even powerhouses like Apocalypse agreed o join Krakoa a council was formed and ogether hey established he first hree mutant lawsMAKE MORE MUTANTSMURDER NO MANRESPECT THE LAND OF KRAKOA This no longer feels like he X Men because it isn any hey have a nation now and with it a new authority hat is new o he franchise But if you hink his is all his book has o offer you re in for a ride I don want o spoil everything in case you re reading his review without picking up he book first but let s just say hat here is a new group called The Five and Goldballs have become one of he most important mutantsHoXPoX has a little bit of everything hat made he X Men great and hen some plenty of heartful familycamaraderie moments a hrilling last stand mission a fresh ime ravel idea multiple imelines brutal wists deaths rebirths and a new sense of belongingThis feels like he end of an era and he start of a new one one where he mutants finally have a place o call home Krakoa It has a sense of conclusion while introducing a plethora of new ideasOne final humbs up for he stellar art by Pepe Larraz and other artists hat elevated his book o a new level at imes his books feels like real science fiction not only because of he way Hickman wrote it but also because of he way it was illustrated wonderful visuals beautifully coloredI ll go ahead and call his my favorite Marvel book ever I cut my comics eeth on X Men specifically he Dark Phoenix Saga about 30 years ago so Marvel s merry mutants have always been my nearest and dearest four color pals well except maybe for Spider Man Having Messrs Claremont and Byrne as my entr e into comics has proven both blessing and curse On he one hand when it comes o superhero eam books hey don get much better han he opera both space and soap hat hose wo sang so beautifully ogether On he other heir work so defined hese characters for me hat I have a hard ime judging other X Men writers and artists on he merits of heir work usually I end up defining hem by how hey differ from ClaremontByrne s work Defining something by what it is not does not usually bode well for he something That s not o say hat I haven enjoyed other X Men runs over he years putting aside Claremont s excellent work with Dave Cockrum Jim Lee and "a slew of other artists I ve enjoyed he work of numerous other folks on X Men hough not "slew of other artists I ve enjoyed he work of numerous other folks on X Men hough not m sad o say Grant Morrison I don know what he hell hat omfoolery was but it wasn X Men But every ime I dip into a new storyteller s box of fun I ve always got hat original magical story in my mindIt was no different in picking up Hickman s much hyped retooling Hickman is wildly imaginative and incredibly smart he also has a endency o get a little lost in he complexity of his own narratives and doesn always execute o he level his high concept high octane stories deserve his run on Avengers is a good example of hat So I went in with some repidation One hing I loved so much about Claremont s work on X Men was how character driven he stories were There were so many uiet moments in some issues here was barely any action and yet it was gripping full of drama pathos heart and emotion Hickman s run is uite he opposite he leans on prior incarnations of X Men o inform character but primarily focuses his creative energy on some mind wisting plottery As a general rule I don love plot driven X Men stories hey end o devolve into unmemorable slugfests hat urn into bad uip fests It s basically like having a conversation with me And yet his works Somehow his crazy ime skipping continuity rebooting universe altering mind shattering explosion of plot works Hickman has done his homework and leverages every bit of X Men lore reshaping and wisting it into something hat feels fresh and vibrant I read his in collected form and each night couldn wait o get o he next issue forcing myself o work hrough it slowly one issue at a ime o absorb it I don know where his run will end up It s possible it will implode beneath he weight of its own complexity And I have no idea how his positions he X Men vis vis he rest of he Marvel U or otherwise impacts continuity if here is such a hing any with hese ime hopping gene freaks But for right now I m in and I m intrigued Also he art is greatSo kudos Mr Hickman for aking his in he opposite direction of the stories I hold most dear and still keeping me on he edge of my seat Bring stories I hold most dear and still keeping me on he edge of my seat Bring he next round Jonathan Hickman is for epics This is House of X Powers of X part of he Dawn of X line if you don get it his is an X Men event Speaking as an old school fan who grew up with he 90s crossover era went back and read every classic Claremont era and jumped back in every once in a while such as during Grant Morrison s ambitious run in he 2000s it s good o see he X Men are back Without getting into he Marvel StudiosFox rumors let s just say it s been a while since comics flagship franchise has been on op What I find absolutely incredible about Hickman s ake is hat he has seemingly incorporated every single era of he X Men hat fits into a grand narrative and it all actually works Like it was all planned hat way from he beginning decades ago The grand arc is about mutants versus AI be it Sentinels or Nimrod or he cosmic force of he Phalanx In he X10 imeline get it Powers of X Xavier and Magne. Hen Charles Xavier reveals his new masterplan for Mutantkind one hat will bring mutants out of he shadow of humanity and into he lightCOLLECTING House of X 1 6 Powers of X

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