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H s long history of anti semitism the political ascendancy of nationalism and resurgence of violent anti semitism in Europe semitism the political ascendancy of nationalism and resurgence of violent anti semitism in Europe the many scandals of the Catholic Church you will learn something from the book Just be certain to read the Afterword to sort fact from fiction I plowed through this in less than 24 hours as I typically do with all of Silva s new releases and I have to sayI m somewhat disappointed All of the ingredients for success are here Gabriel Allon religious intrigue a shadowy cabal But the elements really ust don t mesh well together The shadowy cabal is essentially dealt with at the end of the second act though a character that has been spoken of somewhat often but hasn t been fleshed out pops up in act three The election of the new pope seems very Angels and Demons esue to me and he isn t much of a factor in the book s brief fourth actAs for the book s religious intrigue it peters out somewhat uickly given that the gospel in uestion wasn t actually retrieved until the very end of the story We also never really got a good or any explanation of the mysterious priest who provides information about the gospel to various characters and given that this series has never really taken a dive into mysticism or anything along those lines that sure would be a cop outPerhaps most disappointing at all Gabriel s Israeli intelligence dream team is barely featured They show up in the second act and once that s taken care of they don t return Given how central a role they ve played in many of the other books in the series I was uite dismayed at their usage in this oneHowever none of this is to say this is a bad book it s merely disappointing by the uite #HIGH STANDARDS SILVA HAS SET IF THIS WAS WRITTEN #standards Silva has set If this was written a different author in a different series my overall score would probably be higher and my criticisms wouldn t be as sharp I wasn t shocked to see a step back after the ridiculous standards set by The Other Woman and The New Girl and am hoping that the next book in the series is able to come close to matching that level of tension #and storytelling Yikes I came late to Silva and really loved his last # storytelling Yikes I came late to Silva and really loved his last books that s where I started I looked forward to this one and bought the hardcover the day it came out Those five earlier books were spy thrillers where the conflict was set very uickly with an inciting event that had international repercussionsimplications Great stuff The conflict in The Order isn t set for a hundred pages and even then it s a soft one This book reads like a locked room murder mystery which had I been expecting one I might ve enjoyed it The Pope dies in his room that has a guard outside the door The first hundred pages is deciding if he d been murdered That s a locked room mystery if you ask me and not the spy thriller I d been expecting Even in a locked room murder the body hits the floor pretty early to set the stage I have found books work best for me are the ones wh. Ter of the spy thriller Silva has entertained readers with twenty two thoughtful and gripping suspense novels featuring a diverse cast of compelling characters and ingenious plots that have taken them around the globe and back from the United Sta. Ere the conflict is set right up front a contract with the reader that says this is what I m going to show you come take this ride with me I will definitely buy his next book and hopefully Mr Silva will go back to formDavid Putnam author of the Bruno Johnson series Daniel Silva once again reminds readers why he s one of the most gifted novelists of our time with his latest must read thriller The OrderIt Was Supposed To OrderIt was supposed to a vacation A badly needed week long trip to relax and recharge And after years of dedicated service that has no doubt taken a major toll on him and his family nobody needed it than Gabriel Allon the master art restorer turned Israeli assassin who s now halfway into his first term as chief of the OfficeHowever Sex And Honey just one day into his holiday a covert trip to Venice with his family arranged by his wife Chiara an old friend urgently reuests Gabriel s helpPope Paul VII has died News reports suggest the leader of the Catholic church passed away from a massive heart attack that occurred while he was praying in his favorite chapel But Archbishop Luigi Donati the Holy Father s loyal private secretary suspects there mightust be to the story than anyone else is letting on and in order to find out for sure he sends for Gabriel Allon Though it turns out that Pope Paul VII did indeed suffer from heart disease making a fatal heart attack possible if not probable Donati offers Gabriel several other tidbits that were not reported by the media For starters Donati explains that the Holy Father passed away on the one night that he was absent from the Pope s side each week Likewise other oddities arise too like a missing member of the Swiss Guard who had stood post oddities arise too like a missing member of the Swiss Guard who had stood post the papal apartments that night and a letter that Pope Paul VII had been writing ust before his death intended for Gabriel himself which has since gone missingBut the real mystery however surrounds the Holy Father s reasons for visiting Continue reading this review here The above header for a review asks what did you think I think David Putnam wrote an outstanding review Would have loved to put my name on it SoJuly came Daniel Silva s newest book popped up on my kindleReading to the 50 page mark I knew immediately this would be the first of his 20 novels that was going to disappointed me Silva chose to update us on the politics and power of the Vatican again for the third time The book is about voting in a new Pope This new Pope must share the same Nazi ideals of the corrupt Cardinals and Bishops that w Back on TrackSilva seems to have rediscovered his mojo after last year s disgraceful whitewash of a horrific crime This is a thoughtful book than his usual thrillers which might not appeal to those who prefer action packed books There is action there is his usual gang but boy does this book make you think Or it should Nine words responsible for centuries of horrific blood shed I might even say this is an important book. Tes to Europe Russia to the Middle EastHe returns with another blockbuster a powerhouse novel that showcases his outstanding skill and brilliant imagination destined to be a must read for both his multitudes of fans and growing legions of convert. ,

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The Order

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A political diatribe masuerading as thriller fiction Coulnd t finish it The other 19 Gabriel Allon stories were all excellent Silva has art restorer and head of Israeli Intelligence Gabriel Allon being asked by Archbishop Luigi Donati the personal assistant to the Pope to investigate the death of the Pope Pietro Lucchesi And then Silva leaps to conspiracy theories and secret societies that rival author Dan Brown s novels Here Silva has the neo Nazi organization known to its members as the Order of St Helena being deeply involved in a plot to seize the papacy Enjoy Daniel Silva is one of my favorite writers but this book wasn t his best It felt like a retread of the Confessor and the supernatural element wasn t really helpful in a series that is normally so grounded in reality Of course Gabriel being 69 and head of Mossad and running around without bodyguards getting into gun battles is stretching reality The plot moves uickly especially as compared to The Other Woman and the New Girl which were longer and in depth It s a good plot with twists and turns although I did find it predictable One thing that bothered me was this is his third major murderous Catholic secret conspiracy cabal which is really offensive and hurtful to Catholics I m agnostic Jewish I have no problem talking about people like Bishop Alois Hudal which is a historical fact However connecting it to a church today that is painted to be seen as being filled with right wing fascist sympathizers who are willing to murder to achieve power once is unfair and casts an unfair mark on 1 billion people As much as Silva defends the church and says Gabriel wouldn t want to live in a world without it and has people like Luchassi and Donati the fact remains this is the third secret society that goes around killing people trying to achieve and Donati the fact remains this is the third secret society that goes around killing people trying to achieve and kill Jews and it feels too close to society that goes around killing people trying to achieve and kill Jews and it feels too close to Protocols of the Elders of Zion for Catholics The conspiracy theories and cabals don t create specific villains as much make all Catholics seem violent hypocritical power hungry and dangerous which is unfair I hope Silva will drop this trope because his writing is as good as ever I ust want him to break fresh ground Not sure of the point of this story but I am sure I don t care for it 0 of 10 stars I have read every Gabriel Allon book Most are fun and usually relevant International spy thrillers are my escape from reality This book unfortunately was ust short of boring I m not sure why Silva went away from the typical high stakes and unpredictable drama that has characterized the series to date perhaps to appease a public tired of the same villains but it does not work In fact the story was so predictable that I was certain I was missing a huge plot twist Nope You can skip this one and not miss a beat as nothing substantive really changes about the underlying story or characters Another 2020 disappointmentA caveat If you are unaware of the Churc. From Daniel Silva author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers The New Girl and The Other Woman comes a stunning new action packed thriller of high stakes international intrigue featuring the enigmatic art restorer and master spy Gabriel Allon Mas.

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