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Darth Vader s encounter with Luke Skywalker during The Empire Strikes Back is fresh in his mind and he is out during The Empire Strikes Back fresh in his mind and he is out for all those that made his son weak must perish but his uest for vengeance becomes something else entirely when a face from his past makes themselves knownWe ve had a ot of exploration of Darth Vader s character in terms of who he is and how he got to where he is both Kieron Gillen and Charles Soule had him come face to face with metaphorical demons from his past including himself and the ghost of Padme Greg Pak goes one step further and throws oads of familiar ish faces at Vader so that he has no choice but to confront his past Binary Sound (Boston, literally head on It s a twist on a tried and true story and it also gives usots of characters to focus on aside from Vader himself who is never the most compelling protagonist given his penchant for not saying very much That said the Forensics Droid is a maybe a Hidden (Otherworld Stories, little too talkative I think Pak was trying to create the newest incarnation of the evil droids from Doctor Aphra s series but he falls short unfortunatelyI m not overly familiar with Raffaelle Ienco s art aside from some truly heinous fill in work he did on Fantastic Four aong time ago but this is a marked improvement He still has some awful faces at times and the Led Astray lightsaber combat feels aittle Pieces of a puzzle limpike he s not uite sure where the blade is meant to go once its done its job but he manages to evoke a Human Error lot of emotion out of Vader s stoic face through subtle use ofighting and the varied Local Online Marketing locales that the story visits across these five issues are all well renderedYet another Darth Vader solo series could get aittle grating but the new setting the new uest and the new supporting characters make this opening arc surprisingly solid It s still similar to what we ve seen before but different enough to keep things interesting Bravo Vader is on his uest to understand the death of Padme and the Les grands vaincus de l'histoire life of his son He and weearn a bit about the crucial events after his duel with Kenobi that transformed Anakin into Vader Some exciting connections and old companions of Padme are included but also way too much senseless slaughtering While this might be typical for Vader it is exceedingly dull and just a waste of persons and space it has no meaning neither for the story nor his development holycrapholycrapholycrap I NEED. JOIN ME AND TOGETHER WE CAN RULE THE GALAXY AS FATHER AND SONIn the shattering climax of The Empire Strikes Back DARTH VADER infamously reveals his true relationship to LUKE SKYWALKER and invites his son to rule the galaxy with him But Lu. ,


Star WarsEr and goes a ong way to show how he became someone who was able to renounce the dark side and turn against Palpatine in ROTJ In this story you start seeing those cracks in Vader s hold on Anakin and how meeting Luke and all of that has already begun to change him And all the stuff that happens with view spoiler Sabe and the other handmaidens and how he cannot bring himself to kill them showing them mercy hide spoiler DAMN I m not sure how spoiler y this will be so be warned If you ever wondered what if Vader found Out About What Happened To about what happened to between his choking her out in RotS and her death this comic fills in those reveals to Vader which means a ot of flashbacks to our favorite scenes from the preuel trilogy you know the ones that were universally praised for uality top notch performances from Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman You also get to find out what happened to the handmaidens and Ric Oli and Captain Typho Turns out they ve been waiting to Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing lure Vader into a trap for what was probably ateast years because they assume that he was on Mustafar and remember that in Star Wars everyone knows where everyone else is on any planet and by Sound and Fury (Drake Chronicles, landing there you re guaranteed toand else is on any planet and by Ecommerce Society landing there you re guaranteed toand walking distance of those you seek and must then have murdered Padm and Anakin It s all terribly uninteresting and doesn t really do a ton with the revival of elements from the preuels sea monsters and bongos and birthing skirt tents and midwife droids pretty much appear to just sort of appear My east favorite part was the weird Imperial forensics droid that had BD 1 s head but spoke in a cadence that reminded me too much of cadence of both a Star Wars fanboy nerd ieugh me and maybe an Abe Sapien type iterally just a character to explain
of the world and plot the reader Greg Pak writes better than this I m it sure if he came up with those whole arc concept but it just feels very uninspired I think I said this during another recent Marvel Vader storyline but they just don t seem to have much interesting to say about Vader He turns and does irredeemable things We know much than Luke does He can t be redeemed for us in these short spans of five comic issues He works better as a villain maybe a complex antihero I m not sure this arc really know where he stands other than sad emo Goth teen acting out his emotions. Rapples with Luke's unthinkable refusal and embarks on a bloody mission of rage filled revengeWriter Greg Pak and artist Raffaele Ienco unleash Darth Vader on his dark uest of vengeance and discoveryCOLLECTING STAR WARS DARTH VADER 2020 ,
VOL 2 NOW ESP AFTER THAT LAST PAGE This is one of the best comics I ve ever read Each issue eaves me burning heh for Star Wars Darth Vader Vol 1 Dark Heart of the Sith collects issues 1 5 of the series written by Greg Pak with art by Raffaele IencoThe story starts off immediately after Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker that he is actually Luke s father Vader Become Enraged That Luke Decided He Would Rather Try To enraged that Luke decided he would rather try to himself than join his father Vader takes an Imperial forensics Droid with him on a journey to release that anger by utterly destroying everyone who hid Luke s existence from him This was a fantastic start to this new Vader series Ienco s art does a great job of capturing Vader s emotion by angling the view of his helmet It is surprisingly effective Pak does a wonderjob of weaving Vader through a wide range of emotions I m really excited to see where this series goes I hate to speak too soon but are the most #Emotionally Weighted Stories In #weighted stories in Wars going to be told in comics now I m surprised but not displeased I m really excited about this run Good premise which suffered from some meh storytelling The art was great though with the Vader action being very well done It was also nice to see many old familiar characters and The Soul of the Matter locations Loved the ending to issue 6 can t wait to see what happens How does it feel Lord Vader to be so weak To feel such pain To know such fear I was a bit skeptical when they announced that once again Darth Vader is getting an ongoing comic series but I m happy to report that Greg Pak completely blew me away with this story and his interpretation of Darth Vader This comic kicks off immediately after the Empire Strikes Back ends Vader who has just been rejected by his son goes on a rogue mission to hunt down everyone who had a hand in hiding Luke from him and making him as Vader sees it weak During his investigation he runs into familiar faces from his past as Anakin and slowly starts to figure out how he was hidden from him and what exactly happened to his wife Padm Amidala after everything that happened on MustafarThis comic is a brilliant exploration of Darth Vader at one of his most vulnerable moments his son has just rejected him and he is filled with anger and grief and all that heearns throughout the story and all that he goes through is so significant to his charact. Ke refuses plunging into the abyss beneath Cloud City rather than turn to the Dark Side We all remember Luke's utter horror in this ife altering moment But what about Vader In this new epic chapter in the Darth Vader saga the dark ord