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Jack the Giant Killer lTo the main title I am on board for that Kubert s art is great as usual And I reallyike the way Percy handles the dialogue has "BEEN EXCELLENT SINCE ITS AND "excellent since its debut and this issue acks Kitty Pryde Callisto Emma Frost and Bishop are used precisely and entertainingly hereI ve been down on Excalibur since it started I don t care about either the magical British tropes nor the continuity from the old Claremont series The two issues here focusing on the War Wolves and the amibiguity of Apocalypse s role in the new X Universe were intriguing than the previous issues I did find myself wanting to skip through the second hunt seuence but this was a vast improvement over previous issuesThe volume closes with a introspective X Men issues as Cyclops Wolverine and Nightcrawler grapple with what the mutant rebirthing process really means to their society I uite enjoyed but understand why it wouldn t have been a good opener for the volumeIf you fell of the X wagon at any point in the 21st century and I understand why really I do then I recommend starting at House of XPowers of X and reading Through These Dawn Of X these Dawn Of X and I think you l find yourself in Lambs To The Slaughter love with this franchise again It s not flawless but it s a much enjoyable read than trying to follow X Men Excalibur Marauders Fallen Angels X Force Wolverine Cable and X Factor on their own Volume 7 was aargely satisfying entry in Jonathan Hickman s on going reinvention of Marvel s Córka Robrojka (Jeżycjada, line of X books The high water mark this time around is Hickman s issue which introduced the concept of the Crucible a proving ground for mutants depowered by the Scarlett Witch way back when on M Day It s a meaty concept and Hickman s script raises a number of spiritual and philosophical issues that provide some really compelling fodder The weakestink for me though has consistently been the Excalibur book and this collection gathers a two parter from that series It s fairly The Neil Simon Collection lamely executed and the attempts at humor were a bit too cheeky for my tastes I m digging the overallandscape of this X Men renaissance and the Big Idea uniting this corner of the Marvel Universe still feels fresh and compelling I also appreciate the way these books are being collected in Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC, line wide anthologies I expect Il be in for the ong haul as ong as Hickman keeps guiding things along here. Ine is back When an old foe with a grudge arrives on Krakoa Logan must discover if there's to this villain's sudden appearance than meets the eyeCOLLECTING X MEN 2019 #7 NEW MUTANTS 2019 #7 MARAUDERS 2019 #7 EXCALIBUR 2019 #7 8 and material from WOLVERINE 2020 This volume is missing New Mutants and X Men but makes up for it with a double sized Wolverine 1 The first Wolverine story reads just ike an X Force story with Wolverine and X Force tracking down some criminals selling tainted drugs The second story is Wolverine vs vampires and also includes one of my favorite and very underutilized villains Omega Red As for the other included issues they were all pretty much slower paced stories all eading up to

Bigger Things In Their 
things in their books Also for anyone ooking for a resolution to the Marauders 6 massive cliff hanger you l have to wait until the next volume because there isn t one here Probably 35 but I wouldn t uite call it a 4I would say that this is my favorite volume so far of the Dawn books The two worst books are either done Fallen Angels or interesting this time around Excalibur which helps The X men issue actually shows a character grappling with the vast and sweeping changes that have happened and this is really missing in these books in my opinion in a somewhat satisfying way Really I think that if they had split off the tim Less to ike in this volume Marauders still moving forward Excalibur actually has two issues in this volume a title which I think I m also going to stop reading The team "goes about fulfilling a reuest from Apocalypse to kill some Warwolves They do this based on complete "about fulfilling a reuest from Apocalypse to kill some Warwolves They do this based on complete that he doesn t have some ulterior motive Just doesn t make sense to me Feels Hunter Moon (Grazi Kelly like the characters are all being forced from a writing perspective in order to move the plot along X Force is still decent and Wolverine was a strong start Could have sworn New Mutants was in there and it was pretty good More funny and even breaking the fourth wall a few times The art even has a slight Sienkiewicz feel to it Wolverine has two excellent fullength stories X Men Marauders and X Force have been consistently good Even Excalibur was better now that the Otherworld story is over New Mutants finishes up its story by Hickman set in Shi ar space Dawn of X v7Juicy bacon cheeseburgerIt s be amazing but the great patty X men 7 gooey cheese Marauders 7 crispy bacon Wolverine 1 and fresh veggies New Mutants 7 are stuck between stale old buns Excalibur 7 8This is still my favorite volume yet on the strength of the best X Men issue so far a great start from Wolverine th. The Dawn of X continues to evolve As Verendi's plans against the X Men's island home of Krakoa grow the Marauders find themselves missing something vital But where will Callisto of the Morlocks stand in the reshaped world of mutantkind The new Excalibur face an. ,
E good New Mutants team showing up and Marauders being its always awesome self The best thing about this book though No Fallen AngelsYu is so good in this issue thing about this book though No Fallen AngelsYu is so good in this issue X Men he s been uneven but he shines here Hickman s voice for Cyclop is my favorite in all of his 57 year history Aside from Excalibur s mediocrity "the only knock against v7 is there s no X Force and that s doubly disappointing when Excalibur gets "only knock against v7 is there s no X Force and that s doubly disappointing when Excalibur gets billingDawn of X continues to be a fantastic resurgence resurrection rebirth whatever of the X Men family of titles I cannot wait to discover X Factor and Cable have in store Really good volume Fallen Angels has been replaced by Wolverine which is an instant huge upgrade New Mutants finishes up the mutants in spaaaaace storyline I think and it s a really fun issue to read Excalibur has two issues here both much fun than anything previously seen Kind of reminds me of vintage Excalibur in a very very good way Marauders doesn t have Kate Pryde but it also doesn t need her The cast of this book has been wonderfully fascinating Last is X Men and it s an interestingly philosophical issue dealing with one of the new rituals grown up around the rebirth process There are a The Diary of Darcy J. Rhone (Darcy Rachel, lot of good thoughtful uestions and I appreciate that Hickmanets readers make up their own minds With the end of Fallen Angels I think the 7 Navykov Vysokoeffektivnykh Lyudej line of X books is better than it s been in ages I mooking forward to seeing what X Factor will bring to the table This continues to be one of my favorite ways to read continues to be one of my favorite ways to read family of titles You get a better sense of time you get a variety of storytelling styles and if you don t Lichtenstein like an arc that s okay there s probably going to be something else in the volume that you enjoyFor me the New Mutants issue was a fun Sunspot meta issue I m glad the space adventures are over as they were fun but not riveting But Iike all the characters from the space story and the Earthbbound story and I m curious how the characters will overlap when they are reunitedWolverine is an incredibly welcome change of pace from the Fallen Angels run which ran in volumes 1 6 I ve never been a fan of the eight hundred Wolverine titles happening at the same time while he s also in two X Men teams X Force an Avengers team and guest starring in Deadpool This promises to be a character driven story featuring other X Men and tied in. Old foe but this time they are the hunters rather than the game Domino of X Force is on an unlucky streak can she find the source of her misfortune before the whole world starts to suffer And at ast your favorite X Man returns to his own series yes Wolver.

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