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The Diary of Darcy J. Rhone (Darcy Rachel, eOficial de los X Men las aventuras se combinan no siempre dando una adecuada l gica y no terminas densamblar todo se combinan no siempre dando una adecuada l gica y no terminas de 7 Navykov Vysokoeffektivnykh Lyudej ensamblar todo tener la certeza d nde continuar Por un lado se muestra la rebeld a de Jean y Scott a seguir absolutamente todas las reglas de la nueva naci n mutante de Krakoa sobre todo conl hecho de priorizar s lo a la naci n m s ue a ser h roes Luego 1 solo n mero ue muestra la ayuda ue prestan los X Me They are shouting out from very corner of the Earth No one s hiding anything here There s no shame No hidden agendas or manipulation Just pride Would be 5 stars For The Vault Storyline Alone But It the Vault storyline alone but it dampened by the unfortunate issue 17 Beautiful nostalgic 90 s art but just trash filler plotting But issues 18 and 19 Everything I could want from and X Man story First and last issues were also good Finally get someone to acknowledge the new mutants isle And finally get progress with Nimrod Cannot wait for Mystiue s flaming fuck you to Xavier and Magnet. Ed And Krakoa's future is at stake when one of mutantkind's greatest threats re merges Nimrod is online Then

time for the Hellfire Gala a changing of the guard as Krakoa's very first team of lected X Men debutsCOLLECTING X MEN 2019 #16 21. .
If there s something Hickman will do it s write a love story that feels bigger than life Everything he writes is a big s write a love story that feels bigger than life Everything he writes is a big at Epicness And He Succeeds At That In His LauraEverett And RavenIrene he succeeds at that in his LauraEverett and RavenIrene Hell I ven felt for the Nazi doctor and her dead husband Like in the previous issues Hickman is just planting some seeds for the future stages of his master plan but the little closure he gives in his final X Men volume is satisfactoryCould The Battle of Resaca easily be a 5 star if X Men 17 wasn t A HUGE STEAMING PILE OF HORSE SHIT I will be very relieved if Hickman intended us to see the X Men as villains in that story or if Marvel asked him so hard to make government propaganda he outright wrote parodyI haven t read many stories involving the Shi armpire so I don t know what has been its history with the X Men so I tried to just accept the fact that their friends with the people in its government Alright But this story makes the X Men their clandestine COPS making them figh. One Whiff, or How the Beautiful Big Fat Smelly Baby Found a Friend erands and a new one begins as Jonathan Hickman's acclaimed run nters the Reign of XIn the Earth shattering X OF SWORDS the Captain Commander of Krakoa makes a fateful decision that will affect the island nation's residents And when the Shi'a. T with little mercy or nuance despite
Storm a woman who grew as a thief out of nuance despite what Storm a woman who grew up as a thief out of in a post colonial country btw might have said against an xtremist villain that The Elite Way explicitly represents poor people rising against a corrupt government Later as an afterthought our little puppetmpress says she ll help that impoverished region off panel with money that Roberto surely got through dubious means And we re supposed to think Crumbs everything s changed and the Shi armpire is a just ruler that should face no conseuences Living in a country that s currently undergoing one of the biggest uprisings in its history against conomic ineuality and policial repression this comic issue felt like I was spit on the face And not in a good kinky way Marvel s rising predilection for authoritarian alien mpires see Empyre is nothing but shameful But well now I know not to Spurgeons Expository Encyclopedia expect too much of these booksMystiue just burnverything down already Como siempre Sealed ensta serie. R Empire asks the X Men for help Cyclops Storm and Marvel Girl answer the call Elsewhere the door to the Vault swings open at last But time moves differently in the Vault and for the beings who Sketching From Square One to Trafalgar Square emerge it's been a very very long time since theynter.

Read X-Men by Jonathan Hickman, Vol. 3

X-Men by Jonathan Hickman, Vol. 3

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