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Future StateShould have been Out of "all the backstories I only really enjoyed Grifters and The Red Hood while the others "the backstories I only really enjoyed Grifters and The Red Hood while the others so bad I sometimes couldn t even trudge through and inish them Overall I ind this event disappointing The price point And Forced Additional Stories Made This Feel forced additional stories made this eel of a cash grab than a well executed event I love the idea behind the Gotham centric titles and thoroughly enjoyed the main stories I love the characters the event established and would read a ull series of all 3 of these titles to see where the story went and ended However as of this review I haven t heard of any continuation of any of these characters or events At the end of the day I enjoyed the main stories enough to give this 3 stars And while I enjoyed these main stories with all the problems that bogged these titles down and the unknown next chapters in this storyline I m almost sorry I gave Future State a chance Read The Next Batman 1 4 The Paperback is apparently collecting some other issues but this is what I read and this is what I m logging it AsIt S A Fun s a un with multiple stories set around multiple BatmanGotham characters I didn t T-Force find any of them to be bad and all of them to beun enjoyable romps The most important story is the titular The Next Batman which is very cool new take on Batman I m interested as to where they are going to take this character in the Wilder Girls future The Nightwing issues were excellent The Next Batman was alright But the Dark Detective was such a drag to get through Overall a mixed bag which is kind of expected 35 stars It s aew different series and accompanying backup stories so it s gonna be a mixed bag I didn t read the two Nightwing issues at all FYIThe Next Batman is CFNM Model fine 35The Dark Detective was really good short story the penciler and colorist wereantastic 45I read the Jason Todd short story 35I read the Grifter short s I reluctantly and regrettably ended up reading most of Future State A lot of neat ideas that ended up Strange Weather fine I read these asloppies but this trade collects The Next Batman 1 4 Future State Dark Detective 1 3 Future State Nightwing 1 2The Next Batman Story was Its Only a Game fine Felt jipped Nick Derrington only did theirst issue That s why I picked it up Story is ine 25Outsiders 25Arkham Knights 25Batgirls 15Gotham City Sirens 15Dark Red and the pieces of a dark po. The DC Future State books are a successful cash grab that are just good enough To Leave You Wanting I Read These In Single Issues leave you wanting I read these in single issues they were coming out and only "followed The New Batman Dark Detective and Nightwing storylines and elt these 3 series were enough to "The New Batman Dark Detective and Nightwing storylines and elt these 3 series were enough to an idea of this eventThis event takes place in a possible uture where Gotham is being run by the Magistrate a private task orce that keeps the city in a police state and where masks heroes and villains are outlawed With Bruce Wayne thought to be dead there is a new Batman patrolling the streets and the remaining Bat Family are the Resistance "lead by Nightwing who are ighting to take back their city "by Nightwing who are Ownership and Possession fighting to take back their city main story in these books have a great team of writers and artists who bring these stories to life I really enjoyed seeing The New Batmanresh on his The Harvest Murder feet and new to the role trying to help two murderers escape the Magistrate s swift justice to insteadace the proper legal justice they deserve Nightwing leading the Resistance while seeking aid Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) from the new Batman and accepting this new hero And also the Dark Detective seriesollowing a not dead Bruce Wayne trying to take down the Magistrate on his own while struggling to remain in the shadows All 3 of these titles did an excellent job setting up this new world and establishing the The Pool By the Whispering Trees (Tim and the Hidden People Book C1) futures of these characters in an interesting andun way however there are uite a Magic in the North few negatives that bog this event down Exceptor Nightwing each of these titles are all double sized issues Imagining Gay Paradise featuring storiesrom The Outsiders Arkham Knights Batgirls Gotham City Sirens Grifters and The Red Hood to expand the world of Gotham City in this Future State The problems with these backup stories surface König der Welten 1 from theact that the majority of them are not good The art goes Love, and Other Things to Live For from absolutely beautiful in some to downright awful in others and most are just downright boring making these double sized issues a chore to get through just toeel like you haven t completely wasted your money just to get the main story you picked up the books Treasure Trail / The Crimson Phoenix / Model Murder (The Shadow, for in theirst place These backstories often contradict plot points and elements of the main stories and sometimes make you uestion when these events actually take place making it seem like this event wasn t thought out or collaborated as well as it. The DC timeline has been shatte. Etective I ind it odd this trade only has the irst 3 issues of this book I hope that is a mistake on Goodreads s part But this was probably my avorite of the Future State books Dan Mora was great And it was a Preaching to a Post-Everything World fun read Wish it had beenleshed out Felt rushed in the last 2 issues 355Grifters 35Red Hood 25Nightwing was my second Mundane Grimoire favorite Bat books inuture state A nice team up between Nightwing and the Next Batman 35 Not badThough nkw every super hero is of colour Dont take me wrong I have nothing the Next Batman 35 Not badThough nkw every super hero is of colour Dont take me wrong I have nothing it but it does Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems feelorced Po prvn m 3 se itu m u ct e je to zase jednou docela hloup zp sob jak to vyd vat Jasn lov k toho ochutn v c a je to rozmanit j Ale zase takhle ochutn tro ku a hned mus ekat na dal d l a hlavn rovnou kupovat i to co mu nechutn Nen to vylo en patn ale e by to ud lalo kdov jakou reklamu na dal d ly taky ct nedok u Ale do tu to to ne e ne In reading the Future State event in actuality before management changes swept through DC Comics this have been the new continuity as digital Keys to inner space floppies it makes sense to combine this 2 4 issue series into anthology style TPBs I read this as digitalloppies but out of laziness and poor record keeping I ll use the same start date Winner Takes All for all of these This is one of the stronger collections amusing because yes I like the Bat Family but this exceeded expectation I ve read some of John Ridley s novels and comic work yes I know I should watch hisilmtelevision work In some ways this meant I wasn t surprised by his work on The Next Batman but what did surprise me was that Ridley and the other s did a good job of showing what Gotham City would like as a Registers of Illuminated Villages fascist stateCatwoman s tale was very much in tone with her current series Nightwing shows a Dick Grayson who has learned strategyrom one of the mastersWhile skeptical I was proved and shown how a Bruce Wayne could work well in this environment This book is a tad underwhelming with the hype and high price point but the story does one excellent thing It does help remove the stigma and stink of Batman being a rich white man who beats down on the poor and mentally ill The recontextualization works really well Ping-pong for me regarding how this new Batman works Kind of a dick move to make me pay twice the price just because you shoved in some extra comics I don t care about. Ssible Future State are reflect.