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Em to have a real lifelike driving force Start of the trilogy that got me back into reading Blood of Kerensky is One Of The Best Written of the best written greatest stories in the ntire BattleTech series Boringtech Man Stackpole sure wrote some thick Battletech tomes back in the day And that s not a good thing This book is boring to the The Heart of Business extreme It couldasily have been cut by half There is way too much time spent with nothing happeningCase in point the Treasures of Darkness entire first third of the book You can skip it all because nothing happens Only when the clans start invading finally does Normally I skip past the shelf in the bookstore where all of the RPG tie in books live you know the law firm of Salvatore Hickman Weis There was a time in my life when I read all of those books andnjoyed a great many of them but I ve never felt a compelling need to swim in those waters again That said Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) every once in a while you will find a story that is truly well done One series that stuck with me from my childhood was the Blood of Kerensky series by Michael Stackpole It s a favorite I come back tovery couple of yearsStackpole was a stalwart of the RPG writer scene before becoming a novel writer having worked for a time at Flying BuffaloFASA which is how I originally became acuainted with him The Blood of Kerensky books are set in the Battletech universe which for those of you who don t know is a post diaspora to the stars future war concept with different political factions duking it out in giant robots called Mechs It s ground that s been well traveled in Japanese Anime but here it s given a western military sci fi flavorStackpole to his credit plays this material straight keeping it action forward with strong but simple characters You don t care that it s a bunch of guys in robot suits because after a short while you are interested in their personal lives their successes failures and relationshipsA few related books followed the original trilogy but they never uite live up to the level of Stackpole s writing here I wish he had xplored this world a bit fully because he was very well suited to it Lethal heritage was a fun sci fi ROMP IN THE WORLD OF BATTLE in the world of battle Covering the start of the clan invasions it has less action then the books of the warrior trilogy but successfully sets an xciting stage for changes yet to come If you are a fan of Battletech it is an Software (The Body Electric Book 4) easy recommendation Some of the writing of human relationships is uiet poor but the grand scale narration of the universe isngaging and Stackpole is successful in that area Lethal HeritageThe book that introduced the Clans to the BattleTech universethe book that blew the mind of Clans to the BattleTech universethe book that blew the mind of pissed off a few and forever changed the face of a popular gameandTotally Friggin AWESOMELethal Heritage is forever Internet Marketing Essentials emblazoned on my brain as both one of the best BattleTech novels and as one of most memorable books I vever read The author Mike Stackpole does an Internet Marketing Revealed excellent job ofngrossing the reader in the sci fi and Mecha based universe that has become a hallmark of the gaming industry 7 stars out of. E general the Clans bred to be the best military force humanity has ver seen have come to take what they believe is rightfully thei. Rom this cacophony and give them uniue voicesStill the story would have greatly benefited from being a trilogy of 3 full length novels rather than a trilogy of mini

novels i read 
I read because my recent re Introduction Into The Battletech Universe Harebrained Schemes into the Battletech universe Harebrained Schemes game got me curious about the lore I had read this back when I was maybe 12 or 13 and found the ntire Blood of Kerensky trilogy for maybe 3 bucks at Half Price Books Being a huge MechWarrior fan at them time as well as a proponent of needlessly capitalized letters in the middle of words I remember really Curse of the Black Widow enjoying this book so much so that I ve been recommending it to people well into my 30sI m not going to lie I may have to rescind those recommendations If you like Battletech this book is readable It rewards a familiarity with the lore as do most franchise fiction series from the mid 90slookin at you Shadowrun but this comes at a cost of feeling very lost if you aren t Stockpole attempts to get around this with some seriously uh interesting dialogue choices Each of the main characters gives a solilouy in their initial chaptersxplaining who they are their heritage their motivations their desires In at least one case this monologue is delivered to an Sećanja empty beach with nobody in particular there to listen aside from the reader This continues throughout the book as liberal use of italics as internal monologue continue toxplain some of the finicky plot points that might go over the heads of readers Unfortunately this feels like the characters being over A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah explanatory and verbose almost like they re talking down to you I have my critiues about the way the plot is presented as well The plot honestly is superb after centuries of war between several states all those states are invaded by a mysterious force with advanced technology and seemingly unstoppable tactics Man that s a great storyExcept you the reader are privy to the truth in the first 25% of the book By the time the Successor States are figuring out what the nature of the invasion is you are alreadyxperiencing the other side of this invasion from another POV character Everything that comes after seems hollow Imagine if the White Walkers in Game of Thrones got their own POV chapter in the first bookIn the Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies end I can dissect what went wrong and what didn t but it boils down to this if you re just curious about the lore go look at the Battletech wiki If you re looking to read about the Clan Invasion after that then pick up the bookI ll be reading the rest of the series honestly because the book does set you up with an interesting premise for the next I m just going to be hoping that less things will bexplained to me via internal monologues so I can draw my own conclusions about the plot Epic undersells the scale of which the story moves Following the many characters and following the development between in the inner sphere I love Stackpole s style and how he takes the characters to a different height through their actions Everything feels so real and lifelike ven the deadly clans se. S have fought over space land and politics But a new threat looms just outside the Inner Sphere The descendants of an old Star Leagu.
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Battletech Lethal Heritage

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