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Zeboo Noloo Chinoo is a Caribbean folktale written by Lynette Comissiong and illustrated by Rachel Parker The book is intended to be read by the primary and intermediate age groups No awards were issued to the author for writing this folktale Zeboo Noloo Chinoo is a folktale about an evil godmother and a little girl Isha who needs to tell her godmother her true name in order to receive food For several days Isha stays hungry as she has to find out the godmother s true name With the help of the island animals Isha obtains the godmother s name When the godmother hears Isha say her name she becomes enraged and clubs the crab Solestine on his back I rated this book as a five UNFORTUNATELY THE ACT OF STARVING CHILDREN the act of starving children something is accomplished is realistic in some Young Isha has to find out the old woman's name but try as has to find out the old woman's name but try as might she cannot guess Who can help.

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Zebo Nooloo ChinooIctures surrounding the text This artistic approach showcases the legends for the Reader Overall The Young Overall the young outwits the godmother by using her resources to find out the godmother s true name Zeboo Noloo Chinoo This shows Isha s determination and eventually success In addition the crab character provides the reader with an understanding to assist others in any type of bad situation Don t stand around and watch but know that a team of friends are better than one person alone in battle A science teacher could use this folktale to introduce the life of a crab In addition a social studies teacher could use this book to introduce Caribbean life and culture Zebo Nooloo Chino is a Caribbean folk tale about an Zebo Nooloo Chino is a Caribbean folk tale about an lady and a crab I would probably give this book to upper Illustrated folk tale the famous caribbean crab is changed for ever and Caribbean crab is changed for ever and are the faces of old wom. Egions of the world This story gives children the hope to never give up and believe that good always outweighs evil The illustrations are bold colors resembling a lush tropical island atmosphere The animals are universal and identifiable to a child The evil godmother is drawn to look evil while the little girl Isha looks nervous and then eventually happy The illustrations show the characters in different clothing so the reader knows the story spans over a couple of days Only daytime is illustrated There Are Pictures On Every on every which covers 85% of each page The detailed pictures have a painted feeling The black text is normal size and located at the top or the bottom of each picture except for the last page where the two legends are listed in the middle with Her and why does she need to know Only a remarkable crab called Solistine knows the secret In this.