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The book was excellent true to the soldiers in Korea It is a great read The way the book was written in prison by Billy Dickson and John McAleer was very interesting Great account I was never much for war novels but I was was very interesting Great account I was never much for war novels but I was captivated by this one Very well written really draws you in and makes you feel like you are experiencing the war firsthand through the eyes of young Billy forced to grow up far before his time I ve read many war stories and this one always stuck with me Lovely written with loads of humour and a fair amount of hardship as well This was a very good book on the Korean war Its abo. Two young soldiers come together in the trenches to form a strong friendship amidst the bombshells and bloodshed of the Korean War Billy the brawler with a chip on his shoulder is only a seventeen year old punk from the slums of Boston Dewey is a tough young Texan who boasts he's not afraid of illing or being illed These two strangers' lives are thrown together and altered forever by a war that we couldn't win Unit Pride hailed as one of the greatest war stories of our time tells no. ,

Unit Pride

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A little abrupt but not enough to stop *anyone from reading it nearly 30 years since *from reading it Nearly 30 years since read this book and it held me spellbound from the first page to the last I read this book that I found in the library when I was in 4th grade It actually made me cry in fact it was the first book to ever make me feel so distraught Read this and Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo in tandem I read this book as a id on a road trip with my parents I loved it the only book I ever read than once a id on a ROAD TRIP WITH MY PARENTS I LOVED IT THE trip with my parents I loved it the book I ever read than once of the best war stories i have ever read in my life even 30 years after i read it i can still remember the book and its nam. Ng the local Korean brothels Unit Pride is the emotional and gripping story of mid twentieth century warfare of courage and camaraderie and what it takes to be a heroJohn McAleer while a professor at Boston College received a letter from Billy Dickson who was serving time in Walpole State Penitentiary for bank robbery McAleer encouraged Dickson to write about his Korean War experiences and thus began a 1200 letter correspondence between McAleer and Dickson that developed into this nov. Ut two soldiers whose friendship shines throughout the book To me wasn t as good as some of the war books I ve read The most INTERESTING PART OF THE BOOK part of the book came the epilogue where one of the authors explained how the book came about That was fascinating reading One of the earlier books I ve read although only based on a true story still an inspiring read It took me a little bit to get into it but it was worth it once I got hooked because I grew to love Billy and Dewey I appreciate the men and women of our Armed Forces so much They sacrifice so much during and after their time in battle The ending was. T only of the wages of war but of the bond of friendship in unlikely places For both Billy and Dewey it is ill or be illed and each looked to the other to make it through the war alive In the worst of times they leaned on each other to survive nightmarish ordeals such as watching a prisoner get rifle whipped in the face then hearing him being shot to death in a nearby thicket In the best of times they staved off boredom and depression by befriending French Legionnaires and patronizi. ,
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